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Specialized E5 frames ?(7 posts)

Specialized E5 frames ?madstork
Jul 30, 2003 1:48 PM
I'm looking for an aluminum road frame (never owned one) to build up. I've noticed several 2003 Specialized E5 framesets for sale in the classified section here, as well as on ebay. Most are "new, still in box" being sold by individuals, not shops. I'm just curious if anyone has any information about the frame, as it seems unusual to me for so many to be on the market. Asking prices are around 50% of the $1600 retail price which makes me somewhat leary.

I've read the reviews, and owners seem satisfied with this model. If you have any feedback on the frame's performance, please let me know.


Specialized ran a special a while back w/ dealers....Zonic Man
Jul 30, 2003 2:11 PM a promotional deal.

They're great bikes.
re: Specialized E5 frames ?DMoore
Jul 30, 2003 2:32 PM
The E-5 was my team bike last year. I rode one all last season, liked it a lot. I ordered a new one for this season, (nothing at all wrong with last year's bike, but Hey! This year's has a new paint job...) but then we changed sponsors and I ended up with a different bike. We were getting the E-5's for considerably less than 50% of retail. We're a nobody team, so obviously Specialized was spreading around the good deals. The ones on E-Bay are probably frames that were intended for teams or shop employees.
Want to buy my S-Works?wink
Jul 30, 2003 3:54 PM
Dura Ace Back Derailer with Dura Ace Shifters
Ultegra Crank, break calipers and head set
Carbon fork and seat post
Ritchey OCR Wheelset

56 cm This bike has about 100 miles on it. All yours for $1,600/
sounds good, but not my sizemadstork
Jul 31, 2003 4:54 AM
I'm on the tall side and need the 61 according to Specialized's geometry chart.
Thanks for the feedbackmadstork
Jul 31, 2003 4:57 AM
I'll consider one of these frames. Now if the household budget director will consider my request for a frame at over 50% off retail, I'm in business!
My last year's...MShaw
Jul 31, 2003 9:39 AM
S-Works set me back about $400 frame and fork. How 'bout 75% off?? Most women know about sales, you can point out that you're getting the frame for such a great deal that she can afford to go buy another (few) pair of shoes for herself.

Go search ebay for "s-works." You'll see a bunch of frames popping up.