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saddle adjustments(3 posts)

saddle adjustmentsmxtater9
Jul 30, 2003 12:42 AM
The other day I decided to experiment with saddle adjustments. When I first started riding years ago I rode a bike with a large frame, mtb mostly. Then when I got a new bike I went with a smaller frame and I noticed that I didn't have any power and my heart rate would rise faster on hills. We'll the other day I decided that I was to cramped on my road bike so I slid the saddle back about an inch just to try to get a litte more areo, and after a 1000 miles this year of riding I felt like such a weenie I had no power. When my saddle is up I feel most of my burn in the top of my quads and towards the knee, when I slid the saddle back I felt the burn more on the sides of my quads and towards my glutes. I'm just curious which position is best suited for endurance and power, I'm mostly a sprinter and love quick hills, I really hate to grind for very long, maybe my saddle adjustments are why.
Jul 30, 2003 5:37 AM
Sprinters usually have saddles forward, climbers and rouleurs further back.

You've noticed the different muscles you're using, and glutes are the big ones which must be employed when climbing. But, because they are so far from your knees, they don't work well for speed, hence you move forward when sprinting, you need to use quads and calves to move quickly. Using glutes would be very bouncey!

Find a good middle position, and learn to move around on your saddle. Different saddles allow for a few different positions. I use a Flite, but there are flatter saddles (Turbo, Regal) where you can slide around for different uses.
re: saddle adjustmentsMariowannabe
Jul 30, 2003 5:52 AM
Moving your saddle one entire inch is A LOT in one adjustment. What you are feeling is normal. The above poster summed it up well. Sprint and speed, high cadence - saddle forward; climbing power, lower cadence - saddle back.

Try moving it in 1/8 - 1/4 inch increments once a week until you get what suits you. I bet you will feel a difference (burn, soreness) with even these small adjustments. I know I do. And, moving you saddle back an inch effectively raised your saddle height, too. A lot of riders obsess over a 1 cm difference in stem length. Imagine what even 1/2 inch of saddle position does to that!

Where is your knee in relation to pedal spindle?