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Spontaneous Act of Kindness(7 posts)

Spontaneous Act of Kindnessgav
Jul 29, 2003 10:33 PM
With all of the stories from various posters regarding all the jerks that they ran into, I thought that I'd post a story about one of the kind people that I have run into. I went out for a 100km ride a couple of weeks ago.. I left late in the afternoon because I tried to wait out some thundershowers that were going on that day.. The ride itself went well, all the way until the 85th kilometer or so.. I'm riding along on my way home and I get a flat.. No problem, I've got an extra tube and within minutes I'm back on the road.. 5 kilometers later, my back tire feels mushy.. I've somehow managed to flat again.. I was hoping that it was only a slow leak and I could get home by just inflating the tire from time to time.. No dice, I get another 300m and have to stop again.. Hey, I figured, I do have a patch kit.. Unfortuntely, I had spent the previous 3 hours riding through thundershowers.. My patches were all soaked though and unusable.. I had resigned myself to walking the last 7 km home when a guy pulls over and asks if I was okay.. He ends up driving my wet soggy self and my very wet and dirty bike home in his new car. As he drove me home, it turned out that he did ride, so we talked about riding and the tour for a bit. But anyway, it was very cool as this total stranger went out of his way to help me and drive me home.. I think that with all of the talk about all of the jerks out there, we often forget that there are quite a few very kind and generous people like Curtis out there. I've always made it a point to slow down and ask if somebody is okay if I ride past someone working on their bike but will make sure that I do that even more in the future and hopefully pay it forward..

Bravo!!rollo tommassi
Jul 30, 2003 7:06 AM
thanks for the positive post!
re: Spontaneous Act of Kindnessaliensporebomb
Jul 30, 2003 8:12 AM
I had a similar thing happen to me last weekend. I was on
call for work and my cell rang. I pulled off the road and
started digging in my camelbak for my cell and two riders
heading the opposite direction engrossed in talk about the
last TT in the tour stopped and said "Are you okay? Do you
have everything you need?" I was like "Wow, um, no, thanks.
Just needed to take a call, no problems!" Nice guys for

Both were on high zoot bikes with team kits too, the type
that usually gets stereotyped as not helpful. Very cool.
Spontaneous Act of Disgustpitt83
Jul 30, 2003 9:52 AM
I had crashed. Glanced a curb, cleat came out, front wheel hit another curb, blowout rear tire, endo, stopped. After shaking the dust off, I knew I was doing the "socked walk of shame" back the 1 mile home. So I'm walking the bike with the shoes velcroed to the TT. A couple of cars slow and ask if I'm OK. I explain, "Thanks, I'm real close to home".

Almost home and a woman stops and winds the window down. I say, "I live just around the corner, I'm OK, Thanks". She says, "I know. Can you tell me where the Seahorse Tavern is?" I say, " Yeah, nice place" and keep walking meanwhile laughing to myself. I mean, if you're going to ask directions, at least ask someone who's obviously having a better day than mine!
Jul 30, 2003 11:36 AM
Many automobile drivers are rude and impatient to bike riders and they deserve the bashing we give them. But many more are courteous and fair about sharing the road. As a group we need to aknowledge the good deeds with a thumbs up or wave. At the very least, the driver will continue the behavior and maybe other drivers will see the wave and remember it next time they come across a bike rider.
Another one . . .CRM
Jul 30, 2003 11:46 AM
I was riding with two friends recently and one of them flatted a few miles from home. We were on the side of the road changing the flat when a woman in an minivan passed us, turned around and pulled over. She got out of the van, crossed the street to us and asked if everything was okay and was there anything she could do to help. We thanked her and said that it was just a flat and we had it under control. She said that she had seen us pass her a few miles before and we looked like were having fun and she just wanted to help if needed. The amazing part, to me, is that she's not a rider yet was willing to help just because we looked like we needed it.
That's nice to hearKristin
Jul 30, 2003 11:57 AM
I think the majority of drivers who stop to offer help are themselves cyclists. I always blew by riders in need until I became one myself. Now I stop and ask. Its nice to hear that someone who isn't into the sport at all noticed and went out of her way.

I passed a group of three riders chillin' next to a corn field outside of Kankakee a couple weeks ago. I slowed and asked if they everything was all right. They said they were waiting for the storm to pass. So I drove on. Hopefully they survived okay. 15 minutes later I drove through the 6th level of hell. Wind was blowing strange debree across the road and that cell did spawn a tornado with large hail. Yikes. (Perhaps I can justify buying myself a 3 bike hitch rack--incase I come upon more riders in a similar quandery.)