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Good deal? New 2003 Litespeed Siena Ultegra @ $2,200(3 posts)

Good deal? New 2003 Litespeed Siena Ultegra @ $2,200pedalAZ
Jul 29, 2003 7:39 PM
I've got it on hold at the LBS, trying to make sure I've got a smokin' deal. Wheelset is Mavic Cosmos, which I will probably upgrade to Ksyrium Elite.
Yo.Zonic Man
Jul 29, 2003 9:02 PM
Email me dude.

I can get you set up with a Litespeed. Even though you're mean to me.

Sounds pretty good....CaliforniaDreaming
Jul 30, 2003 6:54 AM
about 18 months ago I was able to pick up a '01 Tuscany for $2100 with 105 and Velocity Deep V wheels from my LBS. My bike size is on the small range, so I don't think the LBS had a problem with the deal. It was the same deal being offered by Hi-Tech bikes + $100. Retail for the bike was around $2800 at the time when you could purchase frame kits separately, which is how Hi-Tech was able to sell a complete bike so cheaply, I believe.

I also located a '02 Siena with 105 last Novemeber for $1800. I'd say you're getting a great deal, especially when you price in LBS support. Back out the support and fitting value of about $150-200 and you'd be picking up a 2003 Siena w/ Ultegra and Cosmos, built for about $2000-$2050. If you assume you could only land a deal like this from an on-line retailer, then you would further back out another $25 for shipping. Depending on how you value your LBS relationship, the price of the bike seems very, very reasonable.

I was very happy with my 105 Tuscany. I'd probably be even happier with an Ultegra Siena for $100 more. Did I mention how wonderful Ti rides? A bit long, but I hope it helps.

Good Luck with you shopping.