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Colnago CT1 designed for the heavier rider?(3 posts)

Colnago CT1 designed for the heavier rider?dawgcatchr
Jul 29, 2003 6:37 PM
Hi. I have been on my new CT1 for about 3 weeks now. I love the handling-it rides just as it should. Unfortunately, I am really getting pretty beat up on the bike. It seems to really transmit alot of road noise to me-about as much as the Dream Plus it replaced. I weigh under 150 lbs, and find myself running 85psi in my clinchers to keep the buzz under control (I live amidst a sea of chip-sealed roads, utilizing large-diameter gravel to save money). My wheels are 32-hole FIR Zeniths, seatpost is a Selcof Titanio. Was the CT1 designed with the heavier rider in mind, and therefore not the best choice for a lightweight such as myself? My Look KG281 was smoother, as was my old steel Lemond. Did I make a mistake in getting the CT1 and expecting a smooth ride at my weight? Anything I can do to smooth the ride out a bit w/out getting a new frame?
re: Colnago CT1 designed for the heavier rider?rogue_CT1
Jul 29, 2003 7:07 PM
I have a CT-1 and it is the most comfortable bike I've ever been on. I'm 210 which probably does play a factor in the ride. When I was looking to buy a bike I contacted Colnago about the C-40. The advised that anyone over 187 lbs should use the CT-1 instead. The reason was that the bike would flex too much, not that it would break. Anyway, I'm not familiar with your wheels but I use Ksyrium SL's, Zipp 404, LEW Sydney and Specialized tri-spokes. All tires are inflated to 116 psi. I have never had a problem with any kind of buzz or discomfort. You might need to switch to the C-40.
Rumor was that it was designed for Bartoli.djg
Jul 30, 2003 6:33 AM
It may be just that--a rumor. But the CT1, although it seems solid enough to me, is not especially designed for heavy riders--that would be the Ovalmaster.

The thing is, rough roads are rough roads. I wouldn't really expect any bike to smooth them out entirely (CF won't do it, at least not in general). True, some are better than others, but the CT1 strikes me as a very comfortable bike, as race bikes go. Maybe you should try some 25 mm or even 28 mm tires (if the 28s will fit) if the roads are really bad.