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Adding Clamp-on Derailleur to Bike with Braze-on(2 posts)

Adding Clamp-on Derailleur to Bike with Braze-onBC
Jul 29, 2003 6:00 PM
I'm a junior racer and, therefore, have to use limited gearing. I currently have a 45x12 as my biggest gear. The problem is the front derailleur can't be brought down close enough to the big chainring to be adjusted right. Which means it never shifts right.

My question is could I take off the bracket that currently holds my front derailleur and replace with a clamp-on to get better adjustability.


BTW- its a 2000 Trek 5200
re: Adding Clamp-on Derailleur to Bike with Braze-onrussw19
Jul 29, 2003 8:15 PM
If I were you I would email this question to Trek. They can tell you if you can do it or not, and if they say yes, print it out and keep it so there is not a potential for a warranty dispute if something goes wrong.

On a side note, you could try to run a 52/14 instead. It's actually a slightly smaller gear than the 45/12 if I remember correctly (you can always look up a gear inch calculator online... I didn't take the time to do it.)

I would think you could run a 52-39 with a 14-24 on the rear and you would be well within junior gear limits.

Way back when, when I raced juniors... I can not ever remember a time that I was subjected to a roll out with one exception... some kid's dad thru a hissy fit cuz his kid got out sprinted (the kid was DFL in the race) and he tried to blame it all on everyone running too big of gears. I blocked out my big gears with set limits before they tested me, so I was OK. Guess it's cheating, but it was funny at the time.. they told us all 10 minutes after the race to go and get our bikes so we could be tested. I said mine was already in my car back in the parking lot, so it would take a minute... then I just grabbed a screwdriver and set the set screws.

You used to be allowed to block out your big gears with set limits before the race if it was going to be a roll out race to begin with. You may want to check with your USCF area rep and ask them that.

Good luck,