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now vs. this time last year: fitness, mileage, success?(17 posts)

now vs. this time last year: fitness, mileage, success?JS Haiku Shop
Jul 29, 2003 11:10 AM
tnsquared and i were discussing (by e-mail) miles ridden, and our club's "2003 mileage challenge", when i realized how far my monthly mileage had dropped over the last 2 months. even still, i've just rolled over 5,000 miles for 2003, a point i'd not reached until late october, last year.

where do you stand compared to your fitness, ytd mileage, and happiness with riding and the bike, compared to this time last year? to what do you attribute your successes, or lack thereof? those of you who don't track mileage need not be so specific; introspection will suffice.

have you reached any (or all) of the goals you'd set for 2003?
Last year at this time 3101. This year 4056 so far.Dave Hickey
Jul 29, 2003 11:20 AM
I'm going to try for 6500-7000 miles. My previous best was 5600.
On my way!!PseuZQ
Jul 29, 2003 11:33 AM
I'm at 5100 +/- on the road bike. Not sure where I was at this time last year, but i do know that it took me til the end of the year to hit 6K.

As far as goals, I'd actually looked back at the thread posted at the beginning of the year. My goals were Cal Triple Crown and five passes at Markeleeville. I'll qualify for the Triple Crown, but elected not to participate in the Death Ride this year. That's OK with me. My goals changed. I'll probably go for the Knoxville Fall Classic and maybe Death Valley in the fall as well.

Other goals: I'm healthier, lighter, faster, and do longer solo rides. My first solo century was only November of last year. Now they're kinda routine. Have also explored new routes/areas, which was another goal.

I think specific "soft" goals might be in order for next year (or even this one), like "volunteer at at least two organized rides" or "do X rides with complete newbies" -- the sort of stuff that contributes back to the sport.

Also, my big next goal: Learn to work on my own dang bike!! Some simple stuff I can do, but I think it would behoove me to learn more, especially if I plan to make a habit of longer rides.

Good topic.
Correction: 4100. Oops. :- p (nm)PseuZQ
Jul 29, 2003 11:35 AM
Last year no bike, this year 2 bikes. This year much better! nmTNSquared
Jul 29, 2003 11:44 AM
Good ?..more than just YTD mileagePaulCL
Jul 29, 2003 12:16 PM
I'm pushing 3000 YTD vs 1900 this point last year. I'm shooting for over 4000 maybe 5000 this year. I'm doing a team time trial/fun event during the first week of November - so I'll stay focused until that point. Usually, the weather and burnout ends my riding in early October.

Happiness with riding: I have a new bike and I'm riding more...need I really comment on my happiness?? Isn't it obvious??

The bike: oooooh New Aegis Victory Race Stock Pro with Campy Record. Light, stiff, fast and fun. I'm a happy guy. Nothing like a new toy!!

My mileage success: Three things 1. My son goes to church with my wife now, so on Sundays, I can ride 'til noon instead of 10am. That gets me an extra 35-40 per week. 2. My kids are older therefore, I can leave them alone occasionally. 3. Pedal the Peaks tour in Colorado. 500 miles in one week.

My mileage un-successes: 1. Horrible weather this spring. My mileage was below last years up to the end of May. 2. Cracked frame the middle of May. I lost three weeks of ride time.

Fitness: Hmmmm probably better. I weigh a few pounds less this year than last. I'm at 187 now on a 6'1" frame. I'd love to ride below 180 but losing that weight is tough! riding is better, my time in the saddle is more, my job is better than last summer (same job, different environment), my family is doing well and happy...overalll a much better season/year/summer than last year.

550 miles aheadterry b
Jul 29, 2003 12:21 PM
currently at 3700+, last year 3200

fitness - about the same, but I'm not trying to improve, I'm trying to maintain.

I have one goal each year - ride more miles in any given month than I did in that same month during previous years. For the 7 reporting months I've completed in 2003 (I use 13, 4 week months) I've got 6 1sts and 1 3rd. For the 8th period (ending on 8/9) I'm ahead by about 30 miles. I'm happy with my performance so far. Using this method I went from 4200 miles in 2001 to 5600 in 2002. I'm hoping to carry my +500 mile standing to the end of the year and finish with 6000.
2003 retrospectJS Haiku Shop
Jul 29, 2003 12:41 PM
here were my goals posted 30 dec 2003:

super randonneur (successful 200k-600k brevet series)

result: successful 200k, 300k, 400k, failed 600k. no super randonneur in 2003.

2003, J's first real attempt at competition: mtb, road & crit, then 'cross in the fall/winter

result: we don't have much competition in town. missed 1st 2003 crit (only one here so far), out of town. rode in first mtb race, did 2 laps beginner & 4 laps sport, it was an experience not to be missed. didn't place, but enjoyed it.

start car camping on out of town rides, stop using hotels

this one hasn't yet materialized, but i'm still interested.

become more familiar with bike maintenance: BBs and headsets!

been working with BBs and have had tutilidge (sp?) of J2 in this regard. headsets to come next month.

solo/self-supported double century

set out to ride it, but turned back on bad roads with murderous traffic, ended the day with 125 miles only. will accomplish this one before year's end (different route).

12 and 24-hour road efforts, organized or not

coming soon.

ride solo in 12-hour mtb race, 24 if i can manage the logistics

coming soon, if they hold the 12-hour race again in town. questionable this year. if not, will plan to ride closest 12/24 mtb race in 2004. will not go out of town for one this year.

2002: 6,000 miles. 2003: more

5k so far, 6k+ eta early/mid november

continue to lead club rides (>85 last year) and foster intermediate riders

have led approx 62 so far this year

continue and increase club involvement (currently on board of directors, and acting newsletter editor & webmaster) extend club involvement in community: adopt-a-mile (trash pickup on roadside), charitable work and donations through ride entry fees (want to ride? bring a toy, canned goods, etc.)

successful for the most part. growing club membership. no adopt-a-mile yet, but it will happen. charitable work & donation rides have been **wildly** successful.

seek local shop or team sponsorship/involvement

shelved this one after realizing those sponsoring weren't interested in furthering the cycling community, rather furthering elitist sentiment and/or selfish motives. at least so far.

organize and conduct time trial or crit series in mid/late summer

pitched to the club but was shot down with technicalities. next year, perhaps. tt series & then some.

keep up with the fast weeknight cat 2/3 ride for the whole 30 miles without hurling or passing out

have only been out with them once or twice this year. instead, took leadership of another weekly club ride, which precludes two long/late nights away from home, riding. sacrificed testosterone-fest for club/ride leadership/"cycling ambassidorship".

other stuff is going well, too. i'm fairly happy, but have a score to settle with one certain 600k. i also hope to trudge through a 24-hour run, and run a december marathon. ok, i'm an idiot.
you're cheatingterry b
Jul 29, 2003 12:51 PM
"here were my goals posted 30 dec 2003"

you've gone forward in time and posted your goals based on your 2003 performance. not fair ;-)
whoops: should be 'posted 30 dec 2002' (nm)JS Haiku Shop
Jul 30, 2003 5:03 AM
hmmm. . .Mike P
Jul 29, 2003 2:39 PM
I am behind where I wanted to be at this point on total milage for the year; this due to spending a bit of time with one of my children in the hospital. His leukemia is in remission. I am ahead of last years milage though.

Milage total for 2003 is 4560; 2002 around 3700 at this point.

I am in much better shape than last year. I have increased my time spent on the hills, x2, over last year; the effort is paying off. I have also increased my number of longer rides, 100 - 120 miles, trying to make two of these a month.

Two major goals for this year: One was to complete the Cherahala Challenge in 7 hours. I made it in 6:42 ride time / 6:51 total. 2002 I made it in 7:25 ride time / 7:40 total. Second is to better my time on the 6-Gap. I think I am headed in the right direction to be able to whack 30 minutes off my last year time of 6:10 (6:21 total).

Another major goal reached is I have managed to avoid buying another bike for the last 12 months! Boy am I glad that's over. . . now, what do I want for x-mas?

hmmm. . .CongratsRubberbandman
Jul 29, 2003 2:44 PM
Glad to hear your child's leukemia is in remission.

re: now vs. this time last year: fitness, mileage, success?tarwheel
Jul 30, 2003 4:59 AM
Gee, I'm not as goal-oriented as most of you. I had no specific mileage goals for the year. My main goal was to lose some weight. I started out fairly well in that regard, losing about 10 lbs between Jan and May but I've hit a plateau since then. Actually, I redeveloped a taste for beer (Guinness) while vacationing in Ireland in early July. I've been craving my daily pint or two ever since I got back, which ain't great for losing weight.

Here's my stats so far: 3800 miles YTD, compared to about 4200 this time last year. Main reason for lower mileage is I spent two weeks hiking in Ireland during the time that I usually take a weeklong bike tour. It was worth it. Plan to do my annual bike tour in October instead (Cycle NC). I've ridden just over 7000 miles in each of the past two years and will probably come close to that total again.

I've probably been riding about one less day per week, on average, this year. But I've been doing more long rides on the weekend to compensate. I've only done 1 century, but a whole bunch of metrics.

My biggest success so far this year is completing a long ride (60 miles) at a 20+ mph rate. I had never done that before. My biggest disappointment is not being more successful at losing weight and improving my climbing. What can I say, I like to eat (and drink).
re: now vs. this time last year: fitness, mileage, success?Mike Prince
Jul 30, 2003 5:24 AM
JS, I think we discussed this Saturday morning too. So here goes:

Goals - None, decided to enjoy riding more and be a bit less structured this year. I did OK, riding without a computer till March then I got the bug to start seeing how long my rides were. This also coincided with riding in Memphis a lot, where I had no idea how far I was riding.

Mileage - A mixed bag. Last year I had almost 3000 at this point, but had basically stopped riding for the year as I was traveling 5 days a week. Remedied this year with an ebay bike for traveling (RIP). Two full months without a computer and my 'documented' mileage is about 1,700. So I figure I'm about 800 miles off at this point but way ahead for the year as I'll be riding more.

Rides - I have a few I target every year:
1. Tour de Cure - A flat century, but a very important cause for me as it supports diabetes research. Finished in less than 5 hours (April) and more importantly raised nearly $2k for the charity.
2. Tour de Mayberry - a local 85 mile group ride every may through the mountains in May. Approximately 7k' of climbing. Rode well and finished strong.
3. Three Mountain Metric - Again, a local annual ride (last Sat. in May) with 8,500' of climbing (I live in the NC foothills). Finished 13th in abysmal conditions. Felt good.
4. One other long hard ride - This year I had targeted Bridge to Bridge, but due to a vacation in Spain during the first week of the Vuelta, I will not be able to do it. Instead I think I am doing the 6-gap ride in GA, which looks equally challenging. Can't Wait!

So the ride part is good.

Fun - My biggest 'goal.' I have done well with reduced mileage through group rides. JS Haiku Shop and J2 are great to ride with and we have logged plenty of miles together. These guys have helped me rediscover the joy of cycling. Last year at this time I was bummed out because my riding time had been cut so much by work.

Overall high this year - having fun and meeting new folks on so many rides.

Overall low - getting slammed into by a 16 year old in his Mom's Taurus and the ensuing settlement of insurance claims. Also lost a great bike. But the upside is that I walked away from it, a miracle in itself.

So, by the numbers, not a great year, not even close to my high year (2001) when I logged 7k miles. But overall, I would say that this year is right up there as the best year I have had on a bike.

Great post Mr. Haiku....
re: now vs. this time last year: fitness, mileage, success?J2
Jul 30, 2003 6:43 AM
last year vs this year mileage - i did not track miles last year but i'm waaay over what i was doing last year. this year i'm at 4800 so far.
goals last year were simple, really didn't have any, except to keep up with the cat1/2/3 fast club ride, made it at the very end but it hurt.
goals this year - keep up with cat1/2/3 fast ride - no problems this year and i stay in the front group. get to where i could ride 100 miles on any given sat - i'm there now. loose weight - for the first time in 10 years i'm under 200 lbs so goal met but now i would like to rid a few more. attend a few more century rides with 'da gang' - have already done more than i did last year and still have a few more to go. wanted to make cat 3/expert mtb but don't have enough local races to do that and it would require way too much travelling - had to scratch that one. ride my first ever 1000 mile month, sucessful. have a few others that will hopefully happen later this year with cyclocross. become more active in club - i'm a board member now acting as the vp-racing. lastly and most importantly - rediscover fun of riding - huge sucess, having more fun on my bike than ever.

but for most of these i have to give a lot of props to JS Haiku, or as my conversation with my wife goes, wife-why are you doing that ride-let me guess-jeff is doing it, to my response-just a big smile, back to her response-you guys are crazy! and our little band of peeps that we ride with here (of which tnsquared and mike prince are now members, and oh yeah greg too) mike is really making me pick my intensity back up.
and the outlook for the rest of the year looks really great! this year will be tough to beat.
re: now vs. this time last year: fitness, mileage, success?aliensporebomb
Jul 30, 2003 8:01 AM
In some ways I'm pleased, in other ways I wish I could just
quit my job and devote all my time to this since it seems
I'll never get ahead as far as mileage.

In 2000 I had just started going again on cycling after an
eight year layoff. I got the bike later in the season and
didn't get a computer for it until almost October so I
only recorded 246 miles that year. This was a mountain bike
so it was a slow start.

In 2001 I did better. I was still mountain biking pretty
much exclusively but didn't find a road bike to use until
mid-season and managed to log 702 miles. Still not what
I was hoping for. The road bike was abandoned at my place
by a friend and was the wrong size and plagued by mechanical

In 2002 I got a dedicated road bike in July of that year
and managed to get 1181 miles that season but still not
up to where I wanted to be. Biggest issue was time
management really.

In 2003 I set a goal of 2000 miles and got a strong start
in January, but in late January/Early February there were
a number of tragedies that really kicked me in the butt -
a friends attempted suicide (didn't succeed), couples were
breaking up left and right and we were all tossed into a
very turbulent time. In February I only managed one 10
mile ride and in March, still dealing with the aftermath
80 miles. April was better but May I was sent out of town
on business extensively so I wasn't really able to get much
mileage in.

BUT, that being said June and July were much better and
I'm now only 40 miles from 1000 miles. I'm still trying
to go for 2000. I think I can do it if I keep commuting
(which I didn't do in 2000, 2001 and 2002)and keep putting
in the longer rides (longest ride last year was 40 miles,
this year 63).

Fitness - I think I was actually a better climber when I
was doing more mountain biking but I'm working on it. I
know now that I can sprint nicely and I also can reel in
those who have passed close to the horizon but climbing I
tend to drop off the back. I've lost 18 pounds this year
so far just cycling with no moderation of diet so I'm
hopeful that I can direct it a little better since the
more weight I lose the better rider I'll be.
All is good!noveread
Jul 30, 2003 11:26 AM
I'm at 3993 miles for the year so far. This time last year? I dunno, but my total for last year was 4200. So lots more mileage.

I am much more fit. I'm not as strong as I would have liked, but, oh well. Still can't hang with the fast guys on Thursdays.

I tried my hand at racing this year, and my goal was to be competitive with the 4s by the end of the season. Didn't quite get there. I had one top-20, and it was back in May. June I tumbled into serious over-training but with no experience, I just didn't recognize it since it did not manifest itself the way all the books said it would.

One aspect of the overtraining that will be interesting is that I have kept a detailed journal of my riding this year. So all the overtraining symptoms are there on the pages. It will be interesting to see if a pattern can be found...

I got a new bike for this year too! It's sweet. It's way faster than I am.

One other goal I wanted to reach was to get to a race weight of around 138. Didn't happen. I have no discipline around food! I love to cook and I love to eat what I cook! Oh well.

I have learned a ton this year, not just about racing, but especially about training and my body. Though I can see I have much, much to learn. Oh yea, and doing rides with a few hills is NOTHING compared to doing a hill ride! I will be doing many more hills next year!

The Empty Wrapper