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Anyone from the Co Springs area?(2 posts)

Anyone from the Co Springs area?amflyer
Jul 29, 2003 9:08 AM
Years ago a bike shop there gave me a shortcut to get out to the AF academy, then on to Larkspur. I'm riding from allegheny street, off of vindicator, If I rememeber correctly. I remember crossing under the interstate, heading North shortly thereafter, winding through a sort of residential area. Somehow I cut accross a major road (Academy?) via a small section of bike path or some such...anyone know what I'm talking about? Any concrete directions would be appreciated. I'd also be open to any other ride recommendations.

re: Anyone from the Co Springs area?268generation
Jul 29, 2003 11:29 AM
Air academy is closed, you can only enter if you have millitary ID. And i have no idea what your talking about.

If you take centenial blvd north you will come to a intersection with stores etc... if you take the road on your right its vindicator, and left is flying w ranch road. If you go down vindicator theres houses on the left and ute valley park on the right if you keep going down, you will pass the safeway grocery store and the road divides in to left and right, this road is rockrimmon blvd. If you go right this will take you to the highway exit or to the east side of da down. If you take left this takes you to woodmen road and if you go longer you will see woodmen and I-25 exit intersection with restaurants and all that.

I usually ride around where i live (around rockrimmon area) which is centennial, woodment, vindicator, flying w ranch, 30th street, filmore,garden of the gods plus other little streets etc...

And if i wanna ride really steep road i go to chyenne canyon. Road that goes up by Seven Falls (Bear creek or chyenne canyon visitor center ?). Academy road isnt great to ride, way to dangerous. Stick your riding to north west or east side of the town or south west side (chynenne moutnain area) since roads are good and not busy.