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Ride in front or ride in back?(5 posts)

Ride in front or ride in back?Fez
Jul 29, 2003 7:14 AM
How do I avoid riding with a group of strangers that rides an erratic pace?

If I stay behind, it seems like they are going too slow.

If I go ahead, it seems like they will go faster to match my speed and possibly pass me and then slow up again. An endless cycle of pass and get passed would result.

The easy answer is pull off and wait a few minutes, but I might catch that group again or I might encounter a new group with the same riding characteristic. This is a real problem when I am doing an easy recovery ride and do not want to put down the hammer. Thanks for any tips.
How about you turn off that route? (nm)newridr
Jul 29, 2003 7:35 AM
Not an option, at least for that day. Besides, it could happenFez
Jul 29, 2003 7:40 AM
elsewhere. I don't have the option of beautiful empty country roads.
Ride at your own pace?Kerry Irons
Jul 29, 2003 4:46 PM
Unless these people are sitting on your wheel, you can basically ignore them. If they pass and slow down, then you pass them again. So what? Think of driving on the Xway with your cruise control on. People leapfrog and slow down all the time. Do you change your cruise setting?
Why? One of them almost ran into me from behind.Fez
Jul 29, 2003 8:24 PM
I was slowing down for a crossing with narrow access. When it was clear to go, I proceeded to go.

But... someone in the group I was trying to avoid shot in from behind and tried to wedge himself in before me into the narrow crossing.

That's why I can't exactly ignore these folks.