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Paging Merckx Team SC riders and users of Easton EA70 stems(5 posts)

Paging Merckx Team SC riders and users of Easton EA70 stemsj-son
Jul 28, 2003 8:39 PM
Hello all ... I am having a headset problem with my new Team SC. The Campy Hiddenset will not stay tight. It's come loose on every ride so far. The frame has been ruled out as the culprit, which leaves the headset or the stem (an Easton EA70).

Upon close inspection and comparision with the Campy schematic, the headset appears fine. The stem, however, bottoms out when the steerer tube clamp is tightened; but, the stem seems tight enough (the bar doesn't migrate side to side when riding and you can tug on it pretty hard with the front wheel between your knees)

Team SC riders: have you had a similar problem?? How did you solve it?? Are there any other headsets that use the Campy Hiddenset standard?

Easton EA70 stem users: Does the clamp bottom out ... ie, do the edges of the two bolt clamp on the back of the stem come together and touch when the stem is tightened on the fork steerer tube?

Thanks for the help.
re: Paging Merckx Team SC riders and users of Easton EA70 stemsBirddog
Jul 28, 2003 9:17 PM
If I understand correctly, you are saying that the headset loosens up but the bar/stem stays tight. Check and see if the fork tube was cut a little too long, or check and see that the rubber plug is inserted deep enough for the top cap to snug it down sufficiently. That was the problem a friend had with his Merckx.
re: Paging Merckx Team SC riders and users of Easton EA70 stemsdivve
Jul 28, 2003 11:29 PM
You can rule out the headset as part of the problem as well. When properly adjusted it won't develop play after one ride. Provided everything is properly cut and spaced, you're most likely not tightening it enough. Checking adjustment by rocking the bike back and forth with the front brake applied often isn't sufficient. It's better to slowly push the bike back and forth, use firm pressure with the front brake applied while standing over the top tube, watch carefully at front where the fork enters the head tube, usually you'll see a slight movement even though the headset initially appears to be adjusted tight enough, continue tightening until you see no movement at all, and steering is still smooth, a dab of grease on inside of the headset preload washer helps too.
re: Paging Merckx Team SC riders and users of Easton EA70 stemsyummy
Jul 29, 2003 8:19 AM
I've got a Merckx Team SC and so do a couple of other guys I know and ride with. I've got the Cane Creek headset and the others are Campy. I'm not sure why the bike ships with different headsets... Either way, none of us have had a similar problem so I'm thinking along the lines that something is up with the set-up. Maybe the stem or a combination of the stem and the cut of the fork. Just make sure you have enough space above the stem where the top cap can draw the clamping nut inside the steerer.

Good luck.
Here's the fix.alansutton
Jul 29, 2003 8:37 AM
I've seen this on many of these frames. I'm personaly on a 2002 45cm Eddy M. Team SC compact frame with Record hiddenset. The 2002 came with a 1 1/8" integrated headset. I think the older ones were 1". Use Loctite Retaining Compound 638 on the frame/cup interface. This will solve most problems. If the fork plug is inserted correctly, it won't slip. Make sure you use the included plug that came with the fork. Spread some 638 around it before you insert to help keep it in place.