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I need some sweet climbs(4 posts)

I need some sweet climbsbyker
Jul 28, 2003 5:28 PM
I'm getting pretty bored of my same old routes, so if anyone has any good climbs that they know about in the northern Oakland county area of Michigan, let me know.
Don't we all....asphalt assault
Jul 29, 2003 2:53 AM
Here in the hellish flatlands of Illinois...climbs are non-existant. About the closest thing we have to climbing is riding into good stiff headwind!
re: I need some sweet climbsaliensporebomb
Jul 29, 2003 5:17 AM
Talk to Scot_Gore and come to Minnesota for some fun.

Scot'll give you some really painful ones. Heh.

The one to the north of Eden Prairie road (bad in of
itself) was so steep I couldn't concieve of keeping the
bike upright. If I stayed clipped in, I'd fall right
over. If I clipped out, I couldn't clip back in again.
Forget that one.

So I just plowed on the EP road portion (stopped halfway
up to take some pictures of the UNBELIEVABLE view of the
Minnesota River Valley) then continued slogging my way
up the hill, inch by bloody inch. How long was that climb
anyway? Seemed like two miles or so.

I'll have to do that CTS Climbing video three times a week
to get my climbing back up to snuff after that.....
re: I need some sweet climbssparklenuts
Jul 29, 2003 7:15 AM

I'm in michigan and have some sweet climbinroutes.