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Rear view mirror...necessity or junk?(15 posts)

Rear view mirror...necessity or junk?Roadi
Jul 28, 2003 4:39 PM
I am new to this board and somewhat new to the road, though I have been riding since 1994, most of it has been on the dirt or on little < 50 mile road jaunts. However, recently I have been putting much more mile on the road and was wondering if I would be wise to use a rear view mirror? I have seen several kinds, some mount on the helmet, some on the drop bars and some even on your sunglasses. I have contemplated buying one, but not sure which one is the best or if I should even bother at all; should they not really be useful. I do ride in and around traffic quite a bit. Anyone use one and find it useful?
STI Mount... A necessity for me...nmEndure
Jul 28, 2003 4:54 PM
You tend to loose "cool" points when you use themMR_GRUMPY
Jul 28, 2003 5:06 PM
The mirror on the drop bars is worth -50 points. The one on your helmet looses you 25 points. The mirror on your glasses looses you only 10 points, only if you don't slide to the left a few feet when you use it. If you can turn to look without sliding to the left you can gain 20 points, and the best is if you can look under your arm. You have to be in the drops for that, but it will gain you 50 points.
cool pointsmobil1
Jul 29, 2003 7:53 AM
Hey Mr. G, how many points do you get when you are flattened by a semi doing 60mph when craning your neck to look behind? Now that would be "cool". jeesh
There are several types of mirror usersKerry Irons
Jul 28, 2003 5:17 PM
The most common being those who never seem to look in their mirrors. If I had a nickle for every time I've had to warn a mirror user when approaching from behind . . . . Then there are those who are constantly craning their necks trying to see something in their mirror. And then there is the small but vocal minority who actually seem to be able to effectively use their mirrors. My hearing is still good, and so I don't have cars sneaking up on me. I just turn my head once in a while (prevents stiff neck), but that's just me. Whether you NEED a mirror is pretty much personal preference.
Ask yourself this question...KEN2
Jul 28, 2003 5:43 PM
Do you need/use a rearview mirror on your car? I use the bike mirror exactly as I do my car mirrors: to check on what's around me, especially before changing lanes, turning, etc.

The bike mirror has the advantage that there are no blind spots like in a car. Stay away from the junk mirrors like Third Eye. Best ones IMO are the glasses mount from Take-A-Look. REI and others carry them--the smaller one is the best. Helmet mounts are too unstable and tend to wander depending on how your helmet is on your head.
exactly ...tarwheel
Jul 29, 2003 5:27 AM
I wouldn't want to drive a car without a mirror, and the same goes for my bike. If I lose "cool points," so be it. A mirror isn't as important on group rides, but it is a valuable safety measure when riding solo. Personally, I like to see what's coming behind me and scoot over toward the shoulder more when I see big trucks, SUVs with large side mirrors, campers, etc. I use a bar end mirror because I've found that helmet mount mirrors are constantly getting out of adjustment and harder to see. I haven't used an eye-glass mount mirror, but I use my shades for other things besides biking and don't want to deal with that.

What amazes me is how many cyclists are willing to risk their lives trying to look cool -- by wearing black or grey jerseys, refusing to wear helmets or use mirrors -- when it's a losing battle anyway. Face it, most of us look like dorks in our lycra pants and jerseys.
The only time I don't have one is during races...biknben
Jul 28, 2003 6:08 PM
I deal with a lot of traffic on some not-so-good roads. the mirror keeps my mind at ease. I'm more aware of what's going on around me.

The type you use is totally personal preference. I have used a bar end mounted one, a helmet mount, and recently an eyeglass mount. The helmet one is a Blackburn. It's cheap but does the job well enough. I recently got a Take-A-Look mirror witch everyone here raves about. It mounts on the helmet or the glasses. I'm still getting used to it.

At this point I prefer the helmet mount. I tend to take my glasses off from time to time so the eyeglass mount isn't ideal for me. I always take the same helmet and it's always on my head so, for me, it makes sense to put the mirror there.
I always have a mirror when I ride. nmdavet
Jul 28, 2003 6:22 PM
Rear View Mirror - Don't Leave Home Without it!Uncle Tim
Jul 28, 2003 6:34 PM
They even help to scope out the competition when you sprint for green signs!

Get a helmet mounted one is what I suggest.
A few years back a mirror save my life!!! get one!!!ross
Jul 28, 2003 6:50 PM
Inside-the-glasses mount . . .Look381i
Jul 29, 2003 4:47 AM
I've been using these for years, but I can't recall the brand. They are tiny, adhere to the inside of glasses and have a swivel for adjusting view. They usually require a very slight shift of the head to see around my ear. Most people who haven't used them can't believe they work, but they work great, at least if the glasses don't fit too snugly on the outside of the cheek and eye.

I can hear most vehicles approaching, but at speed, with wind noise, I sometimes can't. I also use it to check behind me in pace lines or to see if anyone has caught my wheel without saying anything.
Ride with one, and then withoutTheKid
Jul 29, 2003 6:50 AM
I use the Take a Look. After I used it a couple of times, I went on a ride without it. It makes a big difference when riding in traffic. You just feel more comfortable knowing what is behind you constantly without having to turn around. You do not know if how much you will use it unless you try it out.
Take A Look mirror very valuable to me; nmDougSloan
Jul 29, 2003 6:51 AM
re: Rear view mirror...necessity or junk?moschika
Jul 29, 2003 9:33 AM
i use a mirror on my commuter but not usually on my longer distance road bike.

on my 'regular' road rides, i usually am on country roads with little traffic. i can usually hear the cars coming from behind.

while commuting, there is much more traffic and the mirror usually helps but it's not always easy to make out what's in it because of the vibrations from the road.