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I need more holes in my head(1 post)

I need more holes in my headJay18
Jul 28, 2003 1:20 PM
I can understand the ambivalence the pros feel when it comes to helmets. I wouldn't think of riding without one, but after an hour or two of even moderate riding on a warm day (and with plenty of hydration), I feel like my head is being baked in an oven. I can't wait to get to a rest stop and take the helmet off. I'm using a Bell Pro Aquila, which seems to have plenty of vent holes. Is there anything better than this for ventilation? I've seen some people wearing "do-rags" in hot weather. Aside from issues of style, I wonder if they help any. I guess in theory they soak up sweat, and maybe keep the sun off to some degree, but they also seem to cut down the flow of air.

Any thoughts on this topis will be greatly appreciated.