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4 inches from the grave today(1 post)

4 inches from the grave todayschimanski
Jul 28, 2003 12:00 PM
There's been already too many of these stories here on the forum, but here's one more anyway.

So, I was on my bike ride and there's this very narrow bridge I often cross and I always keep to the white line on the side of the road because the surface simply ends with the line. After that there's a couple of inches gravel and next the guard rail, so no room for anything really. Today I was pedaling along the line and there was a big truck coming accross on the other lane, no problem with that, behind the truck was a small car and behind this car some nutcase teenager in his crappy old car. Right at the moment when I'm at the rear end of the truck (on my side of the road of course) this teenage $hithead decides to go for it and jumps accross to my lane full speed and right at me. WTF. There's no time to react in any way and roughly four inches separate me from death by either being run over or falling to the river. I survived and it had nothing to do with anything but pure luck. I tried to see the register plate of that car but it was way past me when I looked back, no luck there. Children never pedal as close to the guard rail in this place as I do and would certainly have been run over.

I've had this same thing happen to me five times now in one year and so far I've been lucky. Mainly because the places where it has happened prior this incident have always been a lot safer and there's been room for me to crash off the road and into the woods or something.

Police here will only give these people a fine or a good talking to, because that's all they can do unless of course someone dies.

If I one day see one of these crapheads while driving a car, I'll be sure to follow him as far as necessary and then... a lesson with a baseball bat?

Or should I simply buy me a big fat pick-up truck and drive these $hitheads off the road once I catch them? Sounds like real educational fun to me and they'll never know it was a cyclist doing it.