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Mt. Evans Report(3 posts)

Mt. Evans ReportPack Meat
Jul 28, 2003 7:22 AM
Ouch - I've never work so hard to finish so far down. The last time I tried racing Evans was 3 years and 15 pounds ago. So this time I actually enjoyed the race and by that I mean I didn't suffer and struggle like a sprinter up Alp d'huez. The weather in the morning was perfect, warm and sunny, light wind. I think there were around 80 in my field. I was actually able to stick with the lead group for a lot longer then I anticipated. The attacks started around 8 miles in, I was able to stick until the third surge, then my time with the group was finished and I slid off the back to try to finish in a respectable time. I wasn't alone, the attacks did some damage and I was surrounded a lot of guys that were neither mt. bikers nor under 155 lbs. The mt. bikers sure can climb. I did see that our own BiPedZed hung with the front group and threw down a blistering 2:09. I sucked wheels, rode my own pace, stayed at LT and tried worked with my fellow shrapnal and finish in 2:15, 20 minutes faster than my previous time. I thought for sure I would be around 25 or 26th, nope, 41st. Zed finished 30th. In previous additions anything under 2:10 was top 20. There were a lot of really fast guys racing.

I had a beer when I got to the top and felt pretty light headed at about half a can. I'm a cheap date at 14000 feet. I didn't go away empty handed. A buddy and I bet sushi on our finishing times, I thought for sure he would beat me by at least 5 minutes but I actually got him by 3. The sushi was good.

I saw LFR coming up as I was going down, she looked to be climbing pretty strong.
great time...ColnagoFE
Jul 28, 2003 9:03 AM
I am in awe. My best was something like 2:35, but then again I never raced full time. Crazy that a 2:09 doesn't get you a top 10 place. That race is getting faster every year. What was the time for pro 1/2 this year and who won?
Vaughters 1:49:29Pack Meat
Jul 28, 2003 9:28 AM
Now that is awe inspiring. The top 15 pros were under 2 hours.

The top 10 Cat 4s were under 2:10. There were 164 cat 4s that started!