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converting down tube shifter????(4 posts)

converting down tube shifter????Struggle
Jul 26, 2003 5:09 PM
I have a friend who wants to upgrade from down tube shifters to STI. This is a Schwinn Paramount that has a 7 speed cassette. What has to be changed to upgrade to STI. Does the cassette interchange with 9 speed? Will the 7 speed cassette work with STI and does Flight Deck work then with seven speed or is a new wheel set hub required? Does this reguire new brake cable housings etc. Figuring on going with 105. The bike has original equipment wheels on it. Thanks for the help and what about cost too on the conversion.
re: converting down tube shifter????Walter
Jul 26, 2003 7:41 PM
I don't know some of the Shimano specific stuff but I can get you a start. If it's an older Paramount, and Paramounts have been around since the 1930s (I doubt yours is that old), you need to know if your dropouts are 130mm apart. If its an 80s bike and they're 127 or 128 that's probably good enough since the steel frame has some spring to it. If it's an old frame you may need the dropouts reset. You say cassette so my guess is you're OK. If the bike has a thread on freewheel you may not be.

A new rear hub is needed and the necessary wheel rebuild. You need cable guides that will thread onto the DT shifter brazeons. They should come with your STI kit. That's the bare bones.

Some will consistently argue against upgrading old frames in principal as not worth it and others will say that a classic like a Paramount (if it's one of the handmade ones) should be left intact. I'm sympathetic to that argument as a retro owner but if an older bike is worth upgrading to modern spec a classic Paramount would be it.

If it's one of the aluminum "Paramount Design Group" bikes I take most of that back and aluminum dropouts aren't spreadable.
Mid to late 80's aluStruggle
Jul 27, 2003 12:06 PM
It is a mid to late 80's aluminum frame. The bike works great but STI would be better for all the hills in his area. Bike only has around a 1,000 miles on it so it is difficult to replace it since it is like new. Drop outs will not accept newer rims with out major mods then? Or is it just not cost effective to do this since it might be more than a newer bike in cost once this is done? Thanks
shimano makes a 7 speed sti shifter...loki_1
Jul 28, 2003 6:08 AM
my lbs found a 7 speed sti shifter for my older 105 group. Only thing that needed replacing was the shifters and cable stops were added to where the downtube shifters had been. Less than $150 upgrade.