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Ciclosport computer 434 (or any other model)(3 posts)

Ciclosport computer 434 (or any other model)03Vortex
Jul 26, 2003 11:17 AM
I am thinking about purchasing this computer and am wondering who has had experience with it and what your thoughts are? It sells for $140 +/- and don't want to spend that much on acomputer if it is not worth it. I do like the altitude readings it offers. Thx...
436MMike P
Jul 26, 2003 1:02 PM
I had one of the older models, without the memory, for a couple years and liked it. I found it nice to be able to track elevation gains for my rides. I know, who needs something else to keep track of. I like to record my avg speed, ride time, milage, temp, and elevation gain.

I just picked up a 436M a couple of months ago and love it. While I'm not a racer, I do like to keep track of my training in order to gage my riding. I can send my ride data to my PC and pull up elevation profile, speed curve, temp, gradient, and etc. Very nice. Overall, thumbs up from me. The base that mounts to the bars is a bit bulky looking to me but so what.

Another thing is I can share the elevation profiles with other folks. I may even post them online with map and que; this could be nice for people unfimiliar with the area.

I got the cadence kit and do not like it simply because of all the wires. I have not used it yet so I do not know how well it works.

If you are interested in seeing an example of the data, send me your e-mail address and I will send you one.

pughml at yahoo, com.
I have the 436......johnrg
Jul 26, 2003 7:08 PM
The altitude feature is why I originally got it. I've used a 434 and it's basically the same except the new model has a 3 year warranty. sells them for around $106. Normal shipping is 3 weeks but it's a bargain. Nothing alse really compares. Some places are gouging though. Jensen selling it for $156. I think I've seen a recent Performance or CC selling them for $129.