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How hard is it to rethread (extend) on a fork?(7 posts)

How hard is it to rethread (extend) on a fork?wilier
Jul 25, 2003 6:37 PM
For those of us who still use threaded forks (only on one of my bikes) how hard is it to extend the threads downwards on the steerer tube?

Once that's done, is there a way to hacksaw off the excess steerer tube without buying a special tool I'll only use once?

Or is this one of those "go pay the $50 at a shop)?

My LBS did it for $15.00Dave Hickey
Jul 25, 2003 6:54 PM
They cut an additional 2cm of threads. They also cut down the steerer tube. A couple of warnings, I had 2 LBS's tell me it couldn't be done. I found one to do it but they didn't promise anything. It takes a lot of pressure to cut the threads and you risk bending the fork blades or crown. I told them to try it and I wouldn't hold them responsible. It turned out fine. If it's a cheap fork, I'd say go for it.
re: How hard is it to rethread (extend) on a fork?Juanmoretime
Jul 26, 2003 3:30 AM
I've had several done back when I rode threaded and changed frames and kept the same fork. My LBS had a threaded guide, that was a Park tool, to cut the tube straight with a hack saw and a die to clean up the threads and add more threads to the steerer. His price was never the same and would range from $5 to $20 depending on how busy he had been.
re: How hard is it to rethread (extend) on a fork?Rusty Coggs
Jul 26, 2003 5:23 AM
Not hard at all if the right tools are use. If they try and do it with a thread chaser or worn out tool,the result will look like it was done by a ham fisted monkey with a broken file.....I know because I have two that ended up that way. Luckily,even tho they look like hell,they are barely functional.If the tube is chrome plated where the threads are to be cut,that can hose the process.
re: How hard is it to rethread (extend) on a fork?Ligon
Jul 26, 2003 7:12 AM
Like the others said, it is fairly easy assuming the use of quality tools and a competent mechanic. If I were you I would just let the shop take off any excess steerer. Total gig should not cost you but about $15-$20.

How many threads?Spoke Wrench
Jul 26, 2003 10:33 AM
I've got the die and threaded saw guide to cut off the excess. Adding threads is fairly simple to do but it's more time consuming and harder physical work than most people anticipate. If your fork has been chromed, it'll ruin your die before you get the threads cut.

NO WAY would I cut 2 cm of threads for $15.00. I'd say that $50.00 might be a fairer price. Actually, I think that the higher the price estimate, the more likely the guy you are talking with has done it before.

Starting new threads isn't quite the same thing as just adding threads, so don't cut your steer tube off short and then bring it in for a thread job.
thanks everyone (nm)wilier
Jul 26, 2003 2:18 PM