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Saddle to handelbar drop?(6 posts)

Saddle to handelbar drop?lemmy999
Jul 25, 2003 4:27 PM
What do most "average" riders have as a drop from the saddle to the handlebar? On my mtn bike I usually have around 1.5"-2". I tested a 2003 Felt F35R today and loved the bike for the most part, but the drop was a little over 3" and it just felt like I had too much weight on my wrists. I am new to road bikes and was wondering is this just something I will get used to or would I need a new stem with a steeper angle? My wife's bike only has about 1" drop, but she has a long torso and short legs, so she has a size 52 bike to get the reach to the bars right, then has the seat relatively low (she likes having the 1" drop).
It varies greatly....Dave Hickey
Jul 25, 2003 6:41 PM
Most people prefer 1"-3" but you'll find people using a lot more drop. A suggestion is to flip the stem and ride a while until you're comfortable with more drop. All my bikes are set between 1 1/2"-2" of drop. I've actually raised my stems over the years because I find it more comfortable. For what it's worth, Lance Armstrong, says never use more than 3".
I'm with Dave, 1-3" nmNessism
Jul 26, 2003 5:40 AM
re: Saddle to handelbar drop?divve
Jul 26, 2003 4:06 AM
My road bike has about a 4.13" (10.5cm) saddle to handlebar drop and my MTB has about 1.5cm less. However, the pressure on my hands on the MTB is significantly higher than on my road bike. Aside from your physical properties the geometry of the bike will play a large role in how much of a drop you can take. For instance I've found on my mtb if I slide the saddle slightly more back and lower the bars the pressure on my hands is actually didn't do the handling any good though so I went back to the old set-up. I say play around with the seat position a bit and the position of the hoods and see how that feels, before you take more costly measures that might not work.
I have three road bikes.Spoke Wrench
Jul 26, 2003 10:44 AM
The drop from the saddle to the tops of the bars on my tandem and retro grouch bike is 1 inch. The drop on my go fast bike is 2 inches.

If I put the handlebar any lower than that, I might just as well cut off the bar below the brake hoods because I can't ride with my hands in the drops for more than a minute or so at a time.
Do you mean handlebar to saddle drop?Matno
Jul 26, 2003 9:02 PM
Okay, I don't really have my bars above my saddle, but a lot of riders like it that way. My drop is about 1.5", however it used to be more. I've always used the "leg straight, heel contacts pedal" method of seat height adjustment. However, I recently discovered that by dropping my saddle lower than I'm used to (and lower than I thought was comfortable at first) I actually increased my endurance on long rides AND decreased pain in my knees. Nice.

BTW, on my mountain bike, I adjust my saddle (depending on conditions) anywhere from level with the bars to 3 inches below the bars. Never higher than the bars. (If I ride off-road, I don't want to ride stuff that I can handle on an XC bike. I get plenty of "boring" high-speed flat riding on my road bike...)