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Warranty on used Trek OCLV frames(5 posts)

Warranty on used Trek OCLV framessuperdog
Jul 25, 2003 2:13 PM
I was looking at Trek OCLV frames today and came across this eBay ad at:

The description makes it sound like the actual frame in the ad will be covered by Trek's lifetime warranty. I wonder if the guy knows that whoever buys this frame will not be covered??? From what I understand, the Trek warranty only covers the original owner.

Am I correct?
I was told by a cust. service rep in Wisconsin..........BIG RING
Jul 25, 2003 2:25 PM
that as long as the bike had the barcode on the bottom of the down tube near the BB shell, they would replace it if it failed regaardless of who the original owner was. The bike is an '01 5900. His words were, that they would want to understand the reason for failure especially in the higher end OCLV frames. Get it off the street. Sounded good to me.
If that's the case...superdog
Jul 25, 2003 2:57 PM
I will probably buy used from my next frame.
re: Warranty on used Trek OCLV framesrussw19
Jul 25, 2003 6:36 PM
Technically, no, you won't be covered. The warranty is only for the orignal owner. They are pretty clear about this in the owner's manual. However... you buy your bike from a dealer, not Trek directly, so they really have no clue who bought the bike originally. If you don't tell them you are not the original owner, they won't know. A lot of this comes down to the local shop. If they know you are not the original owner, they could push the issue and refuse to send it back, but I would doubt that would actually happen. They may just charge you to strip, ship, and rebuild it instead.

You can always go into any Trek, Lemond, Fisher, or Klein dealer and ask them to send it back for you. Just tell them you bought it out of state, and they won't be any wiser.

And like someone else said, Trek wants to see all their broken bikes to see how they failed anyways, so they will most likely take it back.

re: Warranty on used Trek OCLV framesbugleboy
Jul 27, 2003 6:05 PM
coming from a person that works at a shop, we do not warranty used frames. We won't even mess with it. There is a lot at stake if they find out that person wasn't the original owner. If you didn't buy the bike from us, we require that you present proof of purhcase, a receipt. Most respectable shops handle that way. for those of you who think that we aren't any wiser than that.