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Trouble w/Rivendell lately? Wheel problems?(2 posts)

Trouble w/Rivendell lately? Wheel problems?cory
Jul 25, 2003 11:45 AM
I'm a big Grant fan, love my Atlantis and I've bought stuff from 'em even when it costs more, to try to help them out. But my Bontrager/Deore XT wheels have never been really satisfactory. A few days ago the rear was wobbling again, and when I took a close look at it, there are cracks around seven or eight of the spokes and several splits in the rim where it bends from the braking surface to where the spokes seat. Looks like it was badly overtensioned, but I'm sure it wasn't--I've had it professionally trued twice by a guy I've trusted for years. It's completely trashed, the worst wheel failure I've ever had.
It's about 2 years old, so I don't expect to warranty it even though it doesn't have THAT many miles on it. But I've sent a couple of e-mails asking for advice, mainly trying to find out if they've had other failures and want to suggest another wheel (which I'm willing to buy from them), but no response. Just bad luck, or have things gone sour in Walnut Creek?
I don't know about your wheels, but my impression from...rwbadley
Jul 26, 2003 12:06 AM
a visit to Grant et al a couple years ago in Walnut creek. I found a business that seemed quite healthy, and had a high level of quality control; but also something else.

Without being able to pinpoint any reason why, I think it seemed there was a feeling that >maybe< Grant was a pretty good marketer, and that he was able to package some, uh, predatory discount buying of somewhat obsolete items to repackage as an attractive commodity. I don't mean to imply this as a negative thing at all, as many, most, if not all of the items they handle are perfectly good, useable, high value merchandise.

It is possible the rims are toast and need to be replaced with new, why they cracked is hard to say. The hubs are probably still good. I have found the Mavic cxp 33 to be very strong and reliable, some other brands also.

If you contact Rivendell about this, let us know the response heh? They may be out of warranty anyway tho'.