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Hey Tuscany, I crashed my Klein too!(2 posts)

Hey Tuscany, I crashed my Klein too!johnnybegood
Jul 24, 2003 3:28 PM
I was catching up on old posts and saw the thread on your crash. Replied to the thread but it posted three pages back. Sorry about your crash and the damage to your bike. I did a similar stupid trick on my 1999 Klein Quantum Race with Klein's carbon fiber fork. Front wheel was an Open Pro on a King hub with 32 DT Swiss db spokes laced 2X. I turned my head to talk to someone and drifted to the right, crashing into the back of a parked Blazer! (don't try this at home) My speed was somewhere between 15 and 17 mph. I came to a dead stop against the back of the Blazer, rolled around to the side, then fell to the ground. I weigh 240, so my body had alot of momentum. Some of it was transfered to the bike and the front wheel. My body dissipated the remaining momentum into the back of the blazer and the pavement. I was very lucky to escape with only bruises and a small scrape. My thumb broke the plastic piece on my right shifter where the cable comes out. The rim tacoed and many spokes were bent. Three spokes pulled right out of the trailing side of the rim. However, there was absolutely no damage to frame or fork! No bent, dented, or cracked tubes. My thigh hit the top tube hard but was soft enough to not dent it. (I dented my old Klein with my shin bone many years ago.) I examined every mm of each weld and the fork with a magnifying glass and found no cracks (at least none that had propagated through the paint). I pulled the fork and examined the headset and steer tube. No problems. When I expressed my surprise to my LBS/Klein dealer, he commented that he would not have expected any damage because the Kleins are over-engineered and very strong!
re: Hey Tuscany, I crashed my Klein too!tuscany
Jul 24, 2003 6:55 PM
Hey man thanks for making a guy who has been feeling like a
real dummy for a while now feel just a little bit better.

It also makes me feel even better about my choice to upgrade the Klein with the Dura-Ace parts from Seven and not replace it with a new Seven when you say how much better yours held up in a crash.I have about 170 miles on the Klein since I bought it last Saturday and still feel like I like it better the Seven. It seems just as comfortable as the Seven and definitely climbs and accelerates better than the Seven did due to the stiffer bottom bracket. I did not believe in the carbon chain stays before I bought the bike but something sure seems to make it ride smooth yet stiff.

Anyway thanks again for letting me know I not the only one cabable of such brain fade.