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hot topic? / poll /bored(1 post)

hot topic? / poll /boredandy02
Jul 24, 2003 5:38 AM
What makes a topic hot? I see lots of what to buy questions on a page with tons of reviews? Lots of people taking digital pics on a ride (which I would never do?? or maybe I will). People will get mad occasionally or try to stir something up. I just wanted to know what kind of post got you to look or write back? Do you only look at this "area" or do you go to the tour page etc as well?

I have to say my fav post are the ride reports with or without pics. However, I really like the pics in bad weather and the winter. Someday I will have to get a digital camera and take it to a race! It would have to be a road race I would kill myself in a crit trying to take pics. Although, I am not sure of what the team would think of that? - who cares this is just stress relief anyway! right?

Sorry if this rambled I am waiting for my fluorophore to arrive so I can get to work