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Team Jersey/Bike Brand Protocol?(15 posts)

Team Jersey/Bike Brand Protocol?SkinnyMickey
Jul 24, 2003 1:27 AM
Is it a cycling fashion 'Faux Pas' to wear a team jersey that doesn't match your bike? For instance; wearing a "Lotto" team jesey if you ride a Giant, or a "Quick-Step' jersey if you ride a Cannondale?

If mix and match isn't a dilemma, what Bike/Jersey combos do you folks do?
re: Team Jersey/Bike Brand Protocol?PEDDLEFOOT
Jul 24, 2003 4:15 AM
It's ok to mix them but never wear socks that clash with your shoes. :-)
stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it.thatsmybush
Jul 24, 2003 4:17 AM
Just where what ever the hell you want whenever the hell you want use the search for advice on freds, barneys, posers et al. God I am sick of these questions wear what you want. Who CARES!!!!!
stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it.rayclark
Jul 24, 2003 4:26 AM
God I agree!!! Do you people ask someone what to wear every morning before you get dressed? I would think not. So why do you ask what to wear when you ride? If you are riding because you race and belong on a team then you'd wear whatever your team wears. Otherwise for recreational and exercise riding (which is what alot of us do)...wear what ever you want.

no white shoes before Memorial Day or after Labor Day . . .ms
Jul 24, 2003 4:44 AM
Really, just wear what makes you happy (and comfortable).
and solid color jerseys (no stripes) after 6 p.m. (nm)gcbgcb
Jul 24, 2003 7:08 AM
Wear what you want, but keep posting these questions!dzrider
Jul 24, 2003 5:30 AM
I think they're hilarious, kind of like Seinfeld. You know, belaboring irrelevancies at the expense of those who find them relevant.
Little help53T
Jul 24, 2003 5:36 AM
I ride a Waterford. What should I wear? BTW, you wanna race?
If you ride a waterford you should wear crystal...thatsmybush
Jul 24, 2003 6:15 AM
Maybe a nice set of martini glasses to cover the netheregions. Just remember if you fall sweep the broken glass up so the rest of us don't flat.
yes, it's a fashion Faux Pas to ride a Giant or Cannondale (nm)JS Haiku Shop
Jul 24, 2003 6:20 AM
I'm a 45 year old guy who wears bright colored spandexDave Hickey
Jul 24, 2003 6:40 AM
And your asking me if something is a fashion "Faux Pas"?
Some folks should NEVER wear spandex! (nm)Trux
Jul 24, 2003 10:16 AM
re: Team Jersey/Bike Brand Protocol?sparklenuts
Jul 24, 2003 8:16 AM
I like to ride in leather chaps with a leather vest. Sometimes I ride in a full old-school snowmobile suit with lots of grime and grease on it. I only bust that thing out when it is about 95 deg. Cowboy boots are very good for their aero properties. It feels good to wear VERY TIGHT ridgid blue jeans for a century. If my nether regions start to get sore, i usually bust out the athletic supporter with a cup! The cup must be screen printed with the brand of bike that i ride. If the cup does not match, I feel like a total FRED!!! Don't forget the water bottles!!! I had to search for a long time to find matching Murray waterbottles for my steed. For a helmet, I like to wear my Fireman helmet that i bought off the 911 wagon. I also think that every red blooded American should find a way to fly dual full size American Flags from the back of thier rides. As far as cleats go, I like an Addidas baseball cleat!!! They are hard to stay on my Speedplays, but they look good. F the Camelback too!!! I use one of those helmets with them dual beer bongs. Just fill 'em up with very hot coffee and go!!! If you really want to be Fabio'ish, get the lightest weit seat ever. No seat!!! Yea, you read write, be a man and get rid of that seat. The only downside is the boil that I developed weighed about 400 grams. Another option is to ride nude. All you have to do is tuck it like Buffalo Bill in Silence of the Lambs!!! That looks very aero and you will at that point obtain your full Fabio license.
Just make sure that...kjr39
Jul 24, 2003 9:45 AM
the jersey matches your purse, Susan...

BTW, the tour is almost over. Isn't it time you think about storing your bike for the year?!
Susan! LOL! nmJS Haiku Shop
Jul 24, 2003 9:54 AM