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Hey Newridr, what happened to your town?!?(2 posts)

Hey Newridr, what happened to your town?!?bicycle268
Jul 23, 2003 5:40 PM
You live in Summit, right? I was out of the area all day and came home to Chatham around 7 on tuesday. My normal ride route takes me out to springfield ave in Summit and New Providence. It looked like all hell broke loose!! Trees down, Powerlines all over the place. They actually had to close three streets on my route due to downed trees. Judging by all the debris on the street I would have bet my bike that a tornado touched down!!

BTW- Your town seems to get all the really severe weather( Hail on a regular basis). must be that last Watchung mountain.

re: Hey Newridr, what happened to your town?!?newridr
Jul 23, 2003 6:47 PM
Yeah, we had some pretty crazy weather yesterday. It's funny because of all the destruction you saw, my road wasn't affected at all - and I'm less than a mile away from where the real damage was. Seemed like a normal thunderstorm where I was, then I went out last night and saw all the trees down and all the homes without power.

All part of the continued crazy weather we've had this year.