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Important for newbies(2 posts)

Important for newbiesandy02
Jul 23, 2003 11:13 AM
For the past two days a few of us would be on a ride and pass someone who would try to jump in the draft. Fine, I am not someone who minds...BUT if you do take a pull! Even if you can only pull for a second! And don't let the pace drop! Yesterday we had to slow due to traffic to pass a guy who afterwards jumped on. We then started to pick back up the pace and he acted like he would go so the guy in front pulled off and got in behind him. All was fine but then the new guy blew up and fell off the pace. We were going about 26-28 mph so our friend got dropped! I was up front and didn't notice until I pulled off. We had a huge head wind so the guy in front couldn't hear me the first few times I said slow down. The three of us finally got back together but it really screwed the pace and smoothness of the ride. So please if you jump in take your pull ! or back off!
Depending on the social dynamics as much as anything else,bill
Jul 24, 2003 5:58 AM
there's nothing wrong with hanging in the back and passing on a pull if you're not strong enough. It's better than slowing down the line. What the new guy should have done, once he realized that he was barely hanging on, was to wave your lead guy pulling off to take the place in front of him. Lots of lines will do that automatically, where the guy pulling off will cut in front of the new guy until everyone trusts everyone a little more. So, I would say that both guys probably could have handled the situation better.