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Wheel/Tire weight (newbie)(2 posts)

Wheel/Tire weight (newbie)GTZR30
Jul 22, 2003 9:46 PM
I'm fairly new to the sport of cycling. I purchased a GT ZR 3.0 about a year ago and have been riding ever since. The more I ride the more attuned I become to my bike, components etc.

The bike came with Shimano 105 components and the wheels are Mavic CXP 21. I have recently been wanting to upgrade my wheels for some nicer ones and lighter but upon closer inspection (and maybe I'm wrong) the weight difference doesn't seem that much, at least not to warrant the price tag for some wheels out there.

According to the Mavic website, my wheels weight about 500g each, my front hub comes in at 207g, rear at 411g, my tires at about 200g each and assuming the spokes are not included in the number given by the manufactures website I'll add about 240g for spokes (both wheels).

This brings me at 2258g or 4.97lbs – ok so I have cinder blocks for wheels. Looking at other rims out there, I came across some Weyless Korso Aero. Claimed weight according to Supergo is 760g front and 995g at the rear. Adding this two number plus the weight of my tires I come to 2155g or 4.75lbs – a difference of only .22lbs from my current set.

Is this a good reduction in weight? Will the difference by negligible or really obvious? I can choose the really expensive wheels ($1000+) and save 1/2 a pound but those are out of the question as I'm just an enthusiast and really can't afford wheels that cost more then my entire bike. So to end this, I just want to know peoples opinion on this subject.

Thanks in advanced for your thoughts and comments.

re: Wheel/Tire weight (newbie)filtersweep
Jul 23, 2003 6:03 AM
Simply put, wheel weight generally only matters when accelerating or climbing.

Expensive wheels generally have better (smoother) hubs, but generally even this can be off-set by tire pressure or road surface (in other words, you really won't feel it).

The best cure for your type of concerns is to do some group/club rides... getting your butt kicked on some hills by some guy who shows up on a 40lb commuter bike is usually enough to do it... (or watching it happen to someone else).