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Dale Brigham: Brooks Swift update? nm(6 posts)

Dale Brigham: Brooks Swift update? nmJS Haiku Shop
Jul 22, 2003 9:47 AM
Switched horses (to Colt) in mid-streamDale Brigham
Jul 22, 2003 11:38 AM
Greetings, J!

A while after the 600K brevet (Memorial Day weekend), I was feeling less than comfy on the Swift. Seemed a bit "saggy" for me, perhaps due to riding the saddle in the rain on that brevet.

I went to a seatpost with more setback (from Ritchey Pro to Salsa Shaft) to get me off the "Ti horseshoe" that constitutes the rear portion of the Swift, but still, no joy.

I ordered a Brooks Colt from Wallingford in mid-June, and that's what I have been riding on ever since. It's shaped like a San Marco Rolls (but heavier and leatherier), and it is doing pretty well for me.

My only problem is that on heavy-sweating rides (July 4 century, for example), the saddle gets soaked and loses a bit of shape. Almost like riding in the rain, I guess. Still, it's doing a good job of supporting my ample mass.

Best of all, it looks great in now-weathered Honey on my orange Steelman. And, that's what really counts isn't it?

BTW, Jen and The Danimal got Swifts based on my positive experience on the 600K, and they have not experienced any problems. Clearly, your presence and testimony on the 400K seems to have enlarged The Brooks Collective. Do you get a free toaster for enrolling us?

Hope all is well with you, J!

(alas) no toasterJS Haiku Shop
Jul 22, 2003 11:43 AM
just the undying gratitude of the (m)asses.

glad you're enjoying the saddle.

i'm considering a colt for my zeus pro--another future build project. keep us updated, 'mmmkay?
my swift/brooks updatetarwheel
Jul 23, 2003 4:56 AM
I really wanted to like the Swift, but it's just a little too narrow for my sitbones. Translation: my butt is too big for it. So I ordered a Team Pro, thinking that would fit just right. It is a little wider, but the problem is that it is even harder to move back on the rails than the Swift. With the Swift, I could just barely get enough setback with it moved all the way back on the rails. However, you can't move the Pro as far back on the rails because the sides of the saddle extend down further, preventing you from sliding it back with out bulging out the sides.

I'm trying to decide now whether to return the Pro, invest more money in another seatpost, or take drastic measures and trim off some of the leather on the side of the Pro. I think trimming the leather might work, but I wouldn't be able to return it if my surgery wasn't successful. A new seatpost seems the best option at this point but I am kind of tired of investing more and more money in bike parts that can't be returned (hardly anyone will take a used seatpost because they always get a little scratched when installing). Any recommendations for a seatpost with lots of setback that is reasonably light, easy to adjust and reliable?
Salsa Shaft/Brooks Colt was my choice.Dale Brigham
Jul 23, 2003 6:30 AM

I, too, battled to get that darn Brooks far enough back to feel "right." The Salsa Shaft post got me about 5 mm farther back, compared to the Ritchey Pro I previously had on the bike. That's not much, but it's something. (BTW, the dedicated tilt adjustment mechanism on this post alone makes it worth having.) Also, I found that the seat rails on the Colt were almost identical to the Swift in terms of how much saddle setback was possible, which does not seem to be the case with the Pro.

Like you, I found the Swift to just not fit me. I'm not sure if it was too narrow in back, but it just did not work for me. The Colt has served me much better. It has roughly the same dimensions (width and length) as the Swift, but the rear portion slopes away from the center line in a much more pronounced manner than on the Swift, which viewed from the rear, looked much "flatter" transversely. That curvature (very noticable in the shape of the rear saddle support "horseshoe") seems to work better for me.

In other words, the Colt is shaped more like typical "modern" saddles, such as the San Marco Rolls (yes, I know that's a retro relic to many of you young whippersnappers). It "feels" wider than the Swift, and the mid- and nose-portions are definitely wider than on the Swift, which narrows Concorde-style (the plane, not the bike) to an arrow point. The Colt feels to me like a leather version of my fave saddles (any of the San Marco "classics") -- not at all like the Swift.

If you got your Pro from Wallingford, just trade it in (pre-surgery) for a Colt. BTW, Wall also sells Salsa Shaft post. One-stop shopping! I think it's worth a try.

Best of luck, Tar. We are both searching for the Holy Grail of saddles upon which to sit. Here's hoping we both find it!

I'll check it outtarwheel
Jul 23, 2003 9:58 AM
I'm not familiar with the Colt, but know what you mean about saddle shape and slope. The San Marco Regal is shaped just about right for me, but is just too firm. I'm still using Koobi Silver and Enduro saddles on my bikes. They are very comfortable for rides up to about 50 miles, but on longer rides I start getting uncomfortable.