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I am a sick sick sick sadistic sonofabeotch...heh heh heh(7 posts)

I am a sick sick sick sadistic sonofabeotch...heh heh heheschelon
Jul 22, 2003 8:57 AM
I must say there are very few sports where the act of pushing the envelope becomes a very personal "attack" upon your "rivals" or training partners. Take for example Chess: whenever you beat someone, it's not because you got lucky or whatever. It is because you are smarter and better in every sense of the word than the person in front of you. You were more tactical. You were more clever. You "figured" out your opponent while your opponent did not. Which is why losing in something like chess is never entertaining...yes it can become that personal. There are a variety of other sports and games that's like chess and cycling.

And then I have my Monday night rides, where I am simply hanging on for dear life because of the hills...let me tell ya, being 5'6" and tugging around 180 pounds isn't fun, yet it is...I enjoy having my a55 handed back to on a plate so to speak because I really get to see where I need to improve...I don't know of too many things in my life or the life of those that I know where they can embark on such an unpleasent task to find themselves and know themselves better.

As far as cycling goes, in addition to the mental aspects, the physical aspect is very strong. Cycling shows how much effort and work you put into your "game". Your weaknesses are apparent during group rides, races, and time trials. Now mind you, I am not claiming to be the next, Armstrong, but I do have some strengths like many of you...though our strengths are endless combinations of this and that. And every time on the usual Wednesday night group rides, I get a sick satisfaction off of putting the hurt on the group ride members. Our group ride membership is quite diverse in age, gender, and abilities...most are relatively strong and can hold a 24 mph pace. I couldn't hold a fast time trial to save my life, but I sure can hold a fast surge at the front and then peel off and then rotate the pace with someone else at the front...thereby pushing the pace of the group...too cool...because if I am hurting like hell, I know that just about everyone is hurting too.Then with a few other sick puppies in the group like myself, we notice the group becoming smaller and smaller...people "popping like popcorn" left and right...this is Attrition with a capital A Baby!
WARNING!!! Testosterone laden text. (nm)PEDDLEFOOT
Jul 22, 2003 9:23 AM
Why do you call it a "group" ride again? (nm)hrv
Jul 22, 2003 10:05 AM
well, maybeCritLover
Jul 22, 2003 10:30 AM
I don't completely agree that a group ride, race, etc. can show your weaknesses accurately. If you don't train smart, aren't recovered for the ride, or don't feel up to par, your performance will reflect that, and not how much you put into the sport.

I do agree that cycling teaches you a lot about yourself. It is amazing in that way. Other team sports I've played have not come close to the personal awareness that I've felt suffering up a 4 mile climb in 90 degree weather. Or the zone you can disappear into during the last mile of sprint finish (my personal favorite). You sure get to a whole new level. It is a religion.

(oh, you're still quite the sadist).
I know what you mean...biknben
Jul 22, 2003 10:33 AM
You are reminding me of when I played V-ball. I used to play competatively on the sand. For a few summers I was playing nearly every weekend in Tournies. During the week there were four of us that would just destroy each other day after day. We got to know each others habits and tendencies so well that play was really intense. We occasionally skipped tournaments just so we could play each other all day. We got more out of those days than we would have had we entered a tourney. Yes, they were a testosterone laden hammerfest but, boy, were they fun.

OTOH: just make sure some of the others in YOUR group understand what they are getting into. Like the other responses have hinted, what you are describing is what many rider HATE about group rides. If it's just you and your buds beating on each other, great. When you mix it up with others you end up pissing people off.
Some strong riders use group rides for recovery days.dzrider
Jul 22, 2003 11:30 AM
It's amusing to me to ride along with 2 guys who have been winning local races for years and hear them make fun of the guys who hammer the group rides and never really race. I use the group rides to push my pace up a bit, and could never keep with those 2 guys unless they were rolling along easily. I've never heard them complain about slower riders or belittle people for struggling to keep up, but they clearly find "pseudo-racers" amusing and annoying.
re: I am a sick sick sick sadistic sonofabeotch...heh heh hehTheJoker
Jul 23, 2003 3:56 AM
heh. good post.

what you say about chess isn't true though; it's not about being smart or better, it'a who knows the game the best. you think Kasparov is the smartest bloke in the world?