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Supergo Access Frame(2 posts)

Supergo Access Framedaniell
Jul 22, 2003 5:13 AM
I am thinking of buying the Supergo Mountain Access Frame. I will use a rigid fork, since it will be used mainly on road.
If anyone out there has bought one, I would appreciate some information on it. In particular, will I have to have the headtube and bottom bracket prepped? Since I am building it myself, I really do not want to go to LBS for the prepping. I would feel uncomfortable.

re: Supergo Access Frameneng
Jul 22, 2003 2:54 PM
I'd post in Mtbr. You're bound to get more responses over there.

That aside when building up my Access frame last year I didn't even bother taking it to the LBS to get it prepped. The threads on the on the BB looked clean enough and my Shimano UN72 BB went in clean with no problems. Same goes for the headtube which I was too cheap to get reamed. I wouldn't feel uncomfortable taking it to the LBS to get it prepped, I was just too cheap, it's a $100 frame afterall.

After a year of awful abuse and neglect the frame is still going strong with the exception of the paint. It was definitely a worthy investment. One day I'm going to take the time to sandblast it and make it look nice.

Make sure to take your time and and inspect the threads on the BB for any paint on them. Goodluck.