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Bad derailleur pulley wheel?(3 posts)

Bad derailleur pulley wheel?stinkfoot247
Jul 22, 2003 12:13 AM
My drivetrain has been making noise even after getting an overhaul. I took a close look at my derailleur and it seems that the chain is sticking to the top pulley wheel, and it clicks when the chain is let go. It sticks just enough to make the chain bend a little from the pulley wheel to the cog. I never heard of this before. A bike tech said I had a 8 speed chain on a 9 speed drivetrain after a quick glance, but I think he is wrong. I remember clearly buying a 9 speed Dura-ace chain. What I want to know is this: Does it sound like a bad pulley wheel or could my derailleur alignment be off? Thanks for input.
My experience with derailleur pulley failings.dzrider
Jul 22, 2003 6:25 AM
They can obstructed if the cage is bent which you can see pretty easily.

The screw that holds them in place can be too tight to allow them to turn freely. If I loosen them, I use loctite to keep the screw from coming out on the road which is a real nuisance.

They become so worn that the chain slides over the teeth which causes poor shifting but not the problem you describe.

The problem you describe sounds more like a tight link in the chain than a pulley problem, but others may have more experience and ideas than me.
My experience with derailleur pulley failings.boyd2
Jul 22, 2003 11:05 AM
I agree that the sticky link could be the problem. Examine every link in the chain to make sure it is loose. If one is not free, blast with solvent and then lube. If still not free you can grasp the chain on either side of the stuck link and gently bend it from side to side (not the way it was intended to bend). This almost always works, but don't over do it.