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best carbon fork/headset for $(3 posts)

best carbon fork/headset for $5spd
Jul 21, 2003 3:38 PM
I am looking to upgrade my current aluminum fork to carbon and I am looking for the best carbon fork out there for under $200. I've been looking at the Kestrel EMS and Easton forks, any thoughts or any other suggestions?
Also, any suggestions for a good (under $75) threadless headset would be great! Thanks for the help!
re: best carbon fork/headset for $Nessism
Jul 21, 2003 5:18 PM
Kestral EMS is a nice stiff fork if this is what you are looking for. Not the smoothest riding however. Most of the Eastons on the other hand are quite soft. Should ride nice but may be too flexy if you are a agressive rider or weigh more than 180 lbs. or so.

You might want to check out the Supergo Weyless forks also. Very nice forks that are stiff enough for crit racing but not too punishing. These forks are almost identical to the Litespeed branded "LiteTEC" model except sans the faux titanium mesh decale.

For a headset, check out the Cane Creek S-Pro also sold at Supergo. $50 for a bullet proof headest. Nice value in my book. You will have to go all the way up to a $100 King to find a better headset at any price.

Of course, just my $0.02. Your milage may vary.

What are you looking for in a fork?Fez
Jul 22, 2003 6:35 AM
Lightest weight? Probably have to spend more than $200 to get all carbon. Everything under $200 will probably have aluminum steerer

Best ride? I like the Reynolds Ouzo Comp. A tad over $200 though.

Stiffest? I don't know - ask someone else

Best value? A house brand or one on clearance at some of the big shops will be your best value.

Headsets - Any Cane Creek S series will do fine for $50. A King will be the best you can get at a tad over $100.