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Spinning with still hips(4 posts)

Spinning with still hipsMcBaine
Jul 21, 2003 3:23 PM
I'm in the process of learning to spin at 90-100 rpm. However, I'm struggling to keep my hips still. I'm not sure if my seat is too high, my hamstrings too tight, my pedaling flawed, or if I'm spinning out the gears. Things quiet down a bit if I shift to a harder gear but then often my legs fatigue. I do have stints where I spin 100 rpms with a still upper body. This is usually on flats with absolutely no wind. My seat is set so that my leg is full extended with the pedals at 6 o'clock if I have no shoes on. With my cleated shoes on I have a slight bend. Any suggestions?
It takes practice, and timeKerry Irons
Jul 21, 2003 3:59 PM
The fact that you are sometimes able to spin as desired says that you are not limited by your set up. Do not expect to get your spin right in a couple of weeks. To get it completely under your control, you probably are talking about a year or more of practice. The recommendation to start each season on a fixed gear is to refine and re-establish your pedal stroke. A good spin requires constant maintenance.
seat too high ?Steve Young
Jul 21, 2003 4:01 PM
I'm still in the process of adjusting my bike for optimal fit. One thing I have been told by a more experienced friend was that a good starting point for seat height adjustment is to rest the heels of your feet on the pedals (bike on a trainer or holding vertical with your hand against a wall).

When you have your legs pretty much fully extended but can rotate the pedals smoothly with your heels touching then that's about right - start there and make small adjustments.

I did that and have since slightly raised the seat about a centimetre from there which seems pretty good. I can spin at between 90-110 for about 90 minutes smoothly enough without rocking too much (any longer than that I get tired and the spin goes off although that is nothing to do with the fit :)

If the seat is higher then I start to rock my hips and the spin gets "lumpy". It was surprising (to me) how much difference a little change in the seat height makes.

seat too high ?NewDayNewWay
Jul 22, 2003 3:57 AM
Keep in mind how difficult it can be to adjust things such as seat height when leaning against a wall, or even having someone hold you upright. You may think you're in the same position as when you ride but you may actually be slightly foward or slightly back relative to where you are when you ride. It may be a good starting point, but then go out and do some riding and listen to your body.

It's generally easier to spin a higher cadence when you are in a more forward position on the saddle. Try this... Ride around the block at a reasonable pace to get a feel for your typical biking position. Then lean up against a wall or have someone hold you up and drop a plumb line from your knee (a nut tied on a string would work fine). How far behind your pedal spindle is the weight? If your an inch or more behind the pedal spindle you may not be in an optimal position for spinning a higher cadence.