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Durability of Mavic GP4/GL330 rims?(3 posts)

Durability of Mavic GP4/GL330 rims?dawgcatchr
Jul 21, 2003 2:27 PM
Hi. I am considering building up a lightweight tubular wheelset for climbing and fast riding. I have one each of a 28-hole Mavic GP4 and GL330 rim (NOS) laying around that I got awhile back from a guy with lots of old parts.

Are these rims somewhat durable, or simply race only? They were probably popular before I got into the sport, so I know little about them. Which is the stronger of the two? I am 150 lbs, and not too hard on equipment. Being that they are 28 hole and being used for climbing/race/occasional training, which spokes would you choose to maintain a degree of strength while still being light? I did some calculations, and a pair of these laced to a pair of Hugi 240's with DT Rev's comes in at about 1310 grams, or about 200 grams less than a comparable tubular boutique wheel (Campag Neutron, Bontrager X-lite). So either the boutique wheels are overbuilt (way heavier rims but fewer spokes), or my wheels/rims will be scary light and therefore not durable. Which is more likely to be true?
re: Durability of Mavic GP4/GL330 rims?gtx
Jul 21, 2003 2:57 PM
GP4s were considered the bomber/durable tubular rim for racing or training. I always raced 28 spoke GP4s. Some people used GEL 330s or 280s on the front wheels (or on both, but often with 32 or 36 spokes). Depending on your weight, a set of 28 spoke GP4s would be very durable if built properly. I actually think the older alloy Mavic used on their rims (for the GP4s, MA40s, etc.) was a bit tougher than the current mush metal they use, though it's easier to built wheels with the new rims. Also, with the older rims you have to deal with the seam. And yes, it's pretty easy to build a lighter wheel than the boutique wheels which cost twice as much and are more difficult to repair.
Put the GL330's in frontMR_GRUMPY
Jul 21, 2003 3:52 PM
The GL330's were listed at 330g, the GP4's were around 400g
At 150 pounds, they would make a bomb-proof race wheelset. You could build them 2X in front with 15/16 spokes, and 3X in back with 14/15's. Use brass nips.
I frown on using sew ups for training because you have to carry one or two spares.