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general care question--lube/chain care(4 posts)

general care question--lube/chain careandy02
Jul 21, 2003 1:20 PM
What is your fav chain lube? I have tried white lighting, WF extra dry chain lube, T9 and rock n roll -gold. The T9 last the longest about 400-600 miles but is very dirty. White lighting is the shortest lasting 100 miles max. With everything else in the middle. It does seem that the rock n roll gold keeps the chain the cleanest but is short lived. However, I am still holding out hope that it will get better because I have only got two apps on a clean chian. What do you use and how many miles to you get per app.
Dri-Slide (sorry - no mileage figures) nm...bicyclerepairman
Jul 21, 2003 3:15 PM
ProLink is popularKerry Irons
Jul 21, 2003 4:42 PM
There is no absolute agreement on any particular lube, ProLink is a popular choice. Assuming we're talking road riding, use the following technique for successful ProLink application and use:
1 - wipe the chain, cogs, pulleys, and chainrings clean with a rag.
2 - sluice on ProLink while pedaling (forward is better) so that the chain starts to drip lube. Aim the lube between the side plates and between the bushings and the side plates.
3 - run through all the gears several times, front and back.
4 - wipe the chain, cogs, pulleys, and chainrings clean with a rag.
5 - repeat 2-4 if the chain was really dirty

If you do this every 300 miles or so, you will not get any significant gunky buildup, and you won't have to clean the chain. Also, you'll only need one 4 oz. bottle of ProLink for every 5-10K miles. However, no lube is "perfect." A brite shiny chain that is clean to the touch but is well lubed and gives long mileage is still not possible. IMO, ProLink is the best compromise.

Three schools of thought: 1) wax lubes (White Lightning is the leading brand), 2) oil lubes (numerous brands, with probably TriFlow and ProLink the leaders), and 3) "magic" lubes that leave some sort of super dooper residue behind (Boeshield). Wax lubes, begun originally by folks soaking their chains in melted paraffin, tend to be clean to the touch, not hold up well in the wet, require relatively frequent application, and in White Lightning's case, are fairly expensive on an annual basis. Oil lubes may have all kinds of secret ingredients and additives, but hold up well in the wet, go long between applications, and if not applied properly, can be really dirty. Type 3 lubes claim that their ingredients leave behind some sort of much superior surface effect than wax or oil, and reported results are mixed. My own preference is for ProLink, which is an oil/additive package diluted perhaps 3X in odorless mineral spirits (OMS). You get a chain cleaning while applying due to the solvent effect, and then if you wipe things clean, oil is left only where needed after the solvent evaporates. TriFlow is just as good a lube, but very hard to wipe your chain clean enough after application to prevent a very messy build up. Some swear by simply diluting 1 part motor oil in 3-4 parts OMS and getting a much cheaper alternative to ProLink (which only costs about $6.5 per 15K miles). Recent simple tests have shown that ProLink leaves behind a more waxy residue than oil/OMS, so it is different than just that.
Slick Willy is best IMODoc Hollywood
Jul 21, 2003 7:25 PM
Better than Prolink as it lasts longer in wet conditions. Does not attract dirt, easy to apply, and cleans your chain during application. I get about 400 to 500 miles from ne application

Repeat after me....Waxes ( ie WL) are not lubes.