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Hey J, Mike P how was N.GA on friday......(7 posts)

Hey J, Mike P how was N.GA on friday......abicirider
Jul 21, 2003 4:32 AM
Hope you guys had a great and save ride in N. GA, really missed not being able to make it, lets hear a ride report.
Be Safe Out On The Roads!!!!!!
Ray Still
Mooresville, NC
I'll defer to Mike P for the reportJS Haiku Shop
Jul 21, 2003 6:12 AM
But let's just say that he's very patient. I (we) were almost an hour late, after poorly misjudging the drive. Mike was *still* there when we arrived, and then--though he climbs like a monkey chasing bananas--he took it easy on me for the first 2 climbs. We rode across Jack's Gap (3020 ft), Unicoi (2949 ft), and Hogpen (3490 ft). Mike decided to hit Hogpen pretty fast, and I did just the opposite. He went ahead and rode Wolfpen after Hogpen; I did not. He went so well across Hogpen AND Wolfpen that he arrived back at the cars 10 minutes before I did--and I didn't ride Wolfpen.


It was a beautiful day, not too hot, no rain, wind acceptable. Good route, company, and challenging climbs.

Where did you start?katie1
Jul 21, 2003 10:15 AM
If you started at R-Ranch, then it is about the same distance from Hogpen to the car via Neals as it is via Wolfpen and Woody's.

I hope y'all started early. It gets really hot up there fast.
Vogel SP (nm)JS Haiku Shop
Jul 21, 2003 10:41 AM
VERY busy at work today but I will reply tonight. nmMike P
Jul 21, 2003 9:52 AM
It was a great ride.Mike P
Jul 21, 2003 5:16 PM
It was a nice day, sunny to partly cloudy and in the 80's as we started. Ride started at Vogel State Park; the b@5tard5 had built a new bridge and moved the park entrance to a new location, which I did not find until after driving through the woods a bit. Vogel is a good place to ride from as there is good parking, only $2, restrooms, a little store, and etc. Anyway, JS and Mrs. JS show up in their mobile Honda drive-in. JS and I are off fairly soon, leaving the shade and a nice cold creek behind.

Leaving from Vogel also gives a bit of time to warm up before starting the real climbing. Jacks Gap first; and it's not that bad but it was fun remembering what is up that road marked "Brasstown Bald"! I thought JS was going to want to go up that monster again. . . something to do with all the teeth he was packing. Next was Unicoi Gap. A wider road with a lot more trash to check out. I will never understand why people throw trash on the side of the road. We decended Unicoi towards Helen, GA, stopped to refill bottles and be tortured by all the people going tubing in a little river that had to be cold. My thermometer was reading 93; I'd say it was only 89 or 90 though with the wind chill and all.

Back on the road. My legs were feeling pretty good and JS was comfortable with the route back to Vogel so I started to push it a little on Hogpen Gap. By mid way up I working a pretty good pace, for me anyway. It had cooled down a bit, the view was nice (hazy, but nice anyhow), I was feeling good while climbing, and the decent was YEHAAA! What more could you ask for? How 'bout Wolpen?

By the time I made it to the foot of Wolfpen Gap my legs were a little tight, the sky was overcast and I had no idea how much time I had so I was quesioning riding Wolpen. I love the hill and just couldn't turn around at its foot so up I went. It was 75 degrees at the top. How nice! I was hurting though! The road back down is a little technical and fun.

All in all, A great day! It was nice riding with JS again. Some more of you folks should show up next time! I ended up with 53 miles, and 5800 ft elevation gain. Wolpen looks like it gains just at 1000 ft. so JS, you road around 4800 ft, which is pretty good for a 50 mile ride. That's about it. All 6 next time?

yep, all 6 next time, and i'll be early! (nm)JS Haiku Shop
Jul 22, 2003 5:42 AM