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Need to buy a torque wrench(6 posts)

Need to buy a torque wrenchsuperdog
Jul 20, 2003 8:55 PM
I'm finally going to break down and buy a torque wrench. I never know how tight is tight enough. Will a Sears Craftsman wrench do the job? Or should I buy a Park Tools wrench?
I would go searsspookyload
Jul 20, 2003 10:47 PM
They have a much longer history of making tools than Park. Don't expect the lifetime warranty with other craftsman tools though. It doesn't apply to torque wrenches. On the positive side, most mil-spec shops won't work on no name torque wrenches so the craftsman is a big winner when it comes to re-guaging your torque wrench every few years.
I second the Sears recommendation. (nm)gala7516
Jul 21, 2003 2:18 AM
I second the Sears recommendation. (nm)NewDayNewWay
Jul 21, 2003 2:27 AM
Yes, however, the Sear's wrench is great for fasteners that must be fairly tight because it's in foot lbs. However, I find myself in need of a wrench in inch pounds often for a lot of the parts that don't need to be very tight.

Maybe Sear's makes a torque wrench now in inch lbs?
2 from Sears - Hi range, Lo range. (nm)terry b
Jul 21, 2003 5:34 AM
Yup.Spoke Wrench
Jul 21, 2003 11:33 AM
I have a 3/8" drive for crank bolts, bottom brackets and the like and a 1/4" drive that I mostly just use for stems. I convert all torque specs to ft/lbs anyway, so the markings on the wrench don't matter to me.