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help. must find a good repair shop in sacramento area(5 posts)

help. must find a good repair shop in sacramento areadirtysky
Jul 20, 2003 7:36 PM
just getting back into cycling and have already had two pretty bad experiences with two of the lbs in my town (which will remain nameless to protect the guilty, wait a minute).

in any case, having had one bike incapacitated through the aid of incompetence (the details are too ugly and painfull to relive here) i'm now down to one bike, my road bike. having been in storage for at least ten years it is going to have to go through the same process the mountain bike went through (overhaul ect) only i cant afford to have what happened to the mtb happen to my road bike as i can not afford new bikes or new drivetrains at the moment and need it to get me through until i can replace them.

it would be very disheartening to lose the fitness gained so far (i've worked hard).

so if anyone knows of a good shop with great mechanics please point me in the right direction. will travel for good wrenching. i'd be willing to go as far as tahoe or davis, auburn whatever.
thanks in advance for the help.
re: help. must find a good repair shop in sacramento arearandell
Jul 20, 2003 8:16 PM
i was a shop mgr.for 5 years,still a good wrench. i live in sacramento also. write me if you need some help. randell
thanks randell, how can i get a hold of ya?dirtysky
Jul 21, 2003 3:12 PM
would much prefer to learn to do the work myself under the tutelage of someone that knows whats what. all the bike really needs is the basic overhaul stuff repack the hubs, bb, hs with fresh grease drive train tuned up wheels trued and probably new cables would be a good idea.

could probably do this stuff with a few pointers and the right tools...its really gettin old puttin my bikes in the hands of strangers; who may do good work maybe sloppy work or worse yet do something that will cause premature failure to the bike or components (like putting a new chain on an old drivetrain which was the case with the mtb).

the road bike was running great before it got put into storage so i dont see why it cant be restored to good running condition. if your interested in helping me with this project (and have the time) or know someone who may be the help would be truly appreciated.
Stay away from Wheelworks in Davis!!spookyload
Jul 20, 2003 10:56 PM
The shop was bought by former MTB pro Steve Larsen, and he has managed to run a great bike shop into the ground just like his Pro MTB career. It used to be one of the best shops in Northern California, but steer clear till he moves back to Oregon. He did cute things like selling items that were given to him by sponsors that said on the product"promo only not for retail sales". Not to mention, price cutting every shop in Northern California on high end items because he knew his tenure as a store owner would be short and it didn't matter if distributors cut him off.

You can find some great shops in Sacramento however. Look at Cambria Bike in Auburn, Orinda Spoke in the bay area, City Bikes are a great shop in the downtown area, and the performance bike in sac has decent mechanics and great retail prices too.
re: help. must find a good repair shop in sacramento arearollinrob
Jul 21, 2003 9:44 AM
I have had some great help from the folks at Bicycles Plus in Folsom this past year. I had them build up a Waterford and an IF Crown Jewel. They were able to complete the job within a couple of days and did not charge me an arm and a leg. Since I had that done I have had other things done such a installing a carbon fork and switching the double drivetrain from the waterford to the IF and putting the triple on the Waterford. They were able to do both these jobs while I hung out at the shop reading magazines and checking out bikes. The head mechanic is Andy and he is a pleasure to work with..