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Replacing a Colnago CT1-Fondriest Carb Level?(5 posts)

Replacing a Colnago CT1-Fondriest Carb Level?sukotto
Jul 20, 2003 4:09 PM
I am thinking about selling my Colnago CT1 which I recently built up. I love the ride but was thinking about something lighter and more snappy, probably something like a Fondriest Carb Level. Can anyone give me the low-down on what I can expect from the ride of the Carb Level in comparison to the CT1? I am assuming the bike will be a little snappier, lighter, and handle equally as well. What about durability? Will the frame last awhile, or is it super fragile (I am 150 lbs).

Also, what size would I be on with a Carb Level? My CT1 is a 55cm-it fits about right (I have 13.6cm distance from seat rails to top of seat tube) and the 54.5cm top tube length is about right.
Carb LevelCrash
Jul 20, 2003 8:57 PM
I've only had my SAT white / yellow Carb Level for a little over a week (~150 miles). It's stiff but very smooth (I'm quite a bit larger than you, about 210). Also a very eager climber. Finish is excellent. Handles great, I love riding it. Comes with a 4 year warranty. Couldn't be happier.

I've never ridden one, but your CT1 is also a very fine bike. The Carb Level may be a touch lighter and maybe a bit stiffer in the BB, but for a guy your weight the CT1 could be a bit smoother.

The Carb Level is a great bike, but an improvement over the CT1? I don't know if either bike would be an improvement over the other.

Like to hear from someone that has ridden them both!
re: Replacing a Colnago CT1-Fondriest Carb Level?rogue_CT1
Jul 21, 2003 3:23 AM
You want "snappier" and lighter? Why don't you upgrade your wheels? Or, here's an idea- increase your power/weight ratio and maybe you'll be "snappy", whatever that is.
re: Replacing a Colnago CT1-Fondriest Carb Level?dirthead
Jul 21, 2003 3:49 AM
Just built a Carb Level with Dura-Ace group and Velomax Ascent II wheels. It is light, stiff, quite smooth on rough roads, and climbs like crazy. But an upgrade from a CT1??? I love my Carb Level, but I would give it and my left %^@ for a CT1.

If you want a Carb Level just for a change, go for it, but don't do it thinking that it will be an upgrade. Fondriest makes a great bike. The fit and finish are as good as any, and with sale Fondriest has on them right now, they are quite a deal. But an upgrade from a CT1......I think that's a bit of a stretch.

I am 5'8" and weigh 160 lbs. My last bike was a 52cm Merckx Team SC (53.8cm tt). Since the Carb Level comes with a sloping top tube, the sizing is a little different. I bought the small (51cm) Carb Level, with 52cm top tube length, thinking I could just put a little longer stem on it. Well, even though it was a little smaller than my Merckx, it fit exactly the same. It ended up being a longer frame than what I was expecting from the measurements. So if you do get one, keep that in mind when you are comparing top tube measurements to your CT1.
re: Replacing a Colnago CT1-Fondriest Carb Level?djg
Jul 21, 2003 10:35 AM
If your current bike fits and you love the ride I wouldn't look for any appreciable improvement in the Fondriest, which might not fit as well. No experience with the carb level here but, unless you just want something new and different I'd think hard about what you are buying with the trade. The CT1 is pretty light and pretty responsive. It's a great road bike, in my opinion. Excellent road feel and comfort for a fast bike and great handling. There are, of course, frames out there that are a bit lighter as well as frames that are stiffer, but unless you have particular performance goals you are trying to satisfy (I want the stiffest frame possible) or particular fit issues you are trying to resolve, it seems to me unlikely that you'll find a real improvement in the fondriest and not unlikely that you'll spend a bunch of money only to like the new bike less well.