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1998 Lemond Alpe D'huez vs. 2000 Buenos Aires(3 posts)

1998 Lemond Alpe D'huez vs. 2000 Buenos AirestwowheelMarc
Jul 18, 2003 6:12 AM
I am looking at 2 used bikes right now, one is a 1998 Lemond Alpe D'huez with all ultegra compnents (about a year old) except for the 105 front derailer, and Matrix ISO 3 rims. Price about $600.

There is also a 2000 Buenos Aires that was owned by a local racer. It has the Reynolds 853 frame, Dura-Ace cranks and hubs, Ultegra headset, brakes, derailleurs, STI levers, Selcof seatpost, Salsa stem, ITM bars, Fir rims. Price $750

Assuming they are in about the same condition which is the better buy? Please remember I am new to the sport so talk to me like I know nothing, thanks.
In my opinion...funknuggets
Jul 18, 2003 8:32 AM
Who used them are they both raced? If both have about the same miles and wear, then I think that you are likely better off with the 2000, despite the D'huez being a slightly higher model in 1998. I like the components on the 2000 better, as they are an obvious upgrade from the Ultegra that likely came standard with the bike.

Nonetheless, $750 sounds 'fair' if the DA model is of 2000 vintage or newer.

In my opinion...russw19
Jul 19, 2003 3:31 PM
Hey Chris, question for you.. I don't know b/c I didn't work for a Lemond dealer in 1998, but are you sure the Alpe was the better model? Because now it's backwards. Now the Buenos Aires is the model above the Alpe D Huez. For 2003 the Alpe is a mix of 105 and some Tiagra stuff (like the hubs) whereas the Buenos Aires is all Ultegra except the Front Derailleur, Bottom Bracket, and Cassette. The frames are the same, but the Buenos is a better bike.

Again, just a question... need to satisfy my curiousity.