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Giro replacement with Canadian Distributor(3 posts)

Giro replacement with Canadian Distributoraerox
Jul 17, 2003 2:16 PM
I recently slipped on garbage slime (garbage truck water) & possibly my 1992 Giro Air Attack helmet made contact with the asphalt. There's no visible damage to the shell/styrofoam. I contacted the Canadian distrbutor for Giro, Outdoor Gear, and they offered to replace my Air Attack with the Eclipse model. I would be required to ship my Air Attack & $80 Canadian to them.
Am I being ripped off by the distributor? $80 is kinda expensive for a replacement fee. The reason why I'm asking is...back in 1992 Giro offered a Lifetime Crash Replacement Policy & a $15 (US) replacement fee (see scan).
All opinions would be appreciated.
re: Giro replacement with Canadian Distributorneverspeakingup
Jul 17, 2003 5:54 PM
While you should technically be allowed to use the policy you purchased it under, Giro's new crash replacement policy is to discount the helmet 20%. I dont know if that price is right, because I dont know canadian dollars, but the eclipse is 100 USD.

Hope that helps

I paid $125 for my new Pneumo..gav
Jul 17, 2003 11:31 PM
Or at least something like that.. I had to give them my old cracked one and then gave me a knew one at 'cost'.. I thought that it was pretty reasonable since the helmet had saved my life already.. (I had a grade 2 concussion and road rash on my shoulders, face, and elbow from the crash.. Not to mention a cracked helmet.. And I don't remember much of that night at all..) so what I'm trying to say is that $125 for a new lid was cool..