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Best Bike for Beginner(2 posts)

Best Bike for Beginnercmckeon1
Jul 17, 2003 7:55 AM
I'm currently training for my first triathlon and looking at buying a new bike. I want something that I can upgrade down the road if I stay with the sport but that won't put me out too much money if I don't. Any suggestions on an entry to intermediate level bike with nice performance?
I wish someone had given me this advise long agoLC
Jul 17, 2003 10:49 AM
There are no bad bikes, unless your trying to ride a Mtn bike on the road. I would not start with a tri-specific bike cause that position is very hard to ride for beginners and won't help you at this stage. Get a road bike (and no stinking hybred either!) and ride it. It does not really matter which one you pick cause you will figure out that what feels good to a beginner, may no longer fit as you get some miles in your legs. Steel frame bikes used to be recommended for beginners cause they were inexpensive and rode well, but now it seems that mostly higher end bikes are steel. i think KHS and Fuji still make some inexpensive but decent steel bikes, so I would start there. I think cheap aluminum is the worst thing for beginners cause the ride is very harsh and makes you not want to ride it much, which is exactly what you don't need. You need miles in your legs, and a comfortable bike will make that easier to do. Also go to a good shop and get fitted, so you don't injure yourself on a ill fitting bike.