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Another perspective on road rage(2 posts)

Another perspective on road ragefiltersweep
Jul 16, 2003 4:49 PM
A few people are citing "road rage" as an issue contributing to agressive behaviors by drivers.

About a week ago a minivan laid on the horn while I was riding close to the speed limit of 25 on a slight downhill on an empty parkway. I waited for her to pass, more honking. I wave her by (-didn't know it has a woman until she actually sort of passed) and she swerved into me (there was concrete curb and a relatively narrow lane). She didn't hit me, but rather swerved to play games and pinch me against the curb as she slammed on her brakes. There was not a car in sight- she screamed some profanity at me and sped off. I did nothing to provoke her. I was riding as far to the right as possible. I didn't even know she was there until she first honked. There was no reason for this. She could have easily passed me without even slowing down- the oncoming lane had been clear for a long time. It was so deliberate it was startling. Of course I caught her at the next light.

Seeing her stopped at the light... I can't tell you how tempting the situation was. But me being male, her a female- me on a bike... I'd be the crazy one hauled off the jail- or backed over, or whatever. Nobody at the intersection had witnessed what had just occurred. I did get her plates and later reported her as a dangerous driver to the DMV. I figured she was going home to take a beating from her husband before beating her kids and tucking them in to bed.

This occurred a week ago- nothing major since, and few incidents prior. Daily, in my car, I observe far more incidents of road rage and dangerous, aggressive, provocative, game-playing, risk taking driving. Every single day. I feel less vulnerable encased in my car than I do on a bike- but it is that very vulnerability of being on a bike that makes me almost homicidal when someone plays a dangerous game with me. Unfortunately, I don't think it is possible to "reason" with this type of individual.

I'm commuting about the same distances I'm riding per week. It seems there are far more indignities suffered while in a car than on a bike.
makes you want to be followed by a crew car, huh? nmDougSloan
Jul 16, 2003 7:46 PM