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materials used on bicycles--FOR SCHOOL(4 posts)

materials used on bicycles--FOR SCHOOLSlick21
Jul 16, 2003 2:52 PM
Hey guys,

I need to write a research paper for my MATERIAL AND SCIENCE engineering class. The class is about different materials, how they are structured, properties, and etc.

We all need to write a research paper on how the main focus of this class is applied to all things. I'm going to write on how advance each part of a bicycle is from the tires to the frame.

I just need help on some ideas to write about and I need resources.

I need at least 3 books as my resource.

I know there are many educated people on this forum that can help me.

re: materials used on bicycles--FOR SCHOOLjtolleson
Jul 16, 2003 3:07 PM
It isn't a book, but a great online resource to start your search will be which has articles and writings on many subjects, including bike frame materials. You can find a good analysis of the properties of steel, carbon, ti, and aluminum.
Sheldon definitely has good stufff (nm)Jervis
Jul 16, 2003 11:26 PM
Math is not enough.53T
Jul 16, 2003 4:36 PM
Your post has at least three grammatical errors. You are about to write a paper, I presume it will be in English.

Do you know how to use the library system at your school? Is it automated, or a huge set of file cards? I only ask about the library because that is where they keep the books.

I don't think you want to write about how advanced each part of a bicycle is, since many of the parts are decidedly un-advanced. You may want to stick to the advances in steel frame materials used in bicycles. Steel is a material of great interest to Materials Professors due to it's highly engineered composition and targeted properties.

Start with the corporate sites of Reynolds and Columbus. Then go the library (you know, with the books?) and learn a little about heat treated Chromium-Molybdenum steel alloys and their history.

Good luck, and learn some English before you give us engineers a bad name!