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Tyler leaving CSC for Phonak?(2 posts)

Tyler leaving CSC for Phonak?Psalm 147-10_11
Jul 16, 2003 8:51 AM is reporting this. Seems like bad timing for this to leak out. How do you go about keeping your team morale high and seeking your teamates help when then know you're bailing out at the end of the season?

I thout Tyler and Bjarne had a tight bond and that Tyler credited him with his "breakout season" and improved self confidence.

Do you think Tyler expects Ulrich to join CSC next year?
re: Tyler leaving CSC for Phonak?russw19
Jul 16, 2003 3:33 PM
This is jumping to a big conclusion... the reports are that Phonak made an offer for Tyler for next year. His contract with CSC is up after this year, but pre-Tour he told Riis that he would start negotiations after the tour. I know Phonak would be interested in him, as they are sure to lose Zulle to retirement, but I don't really see any reason why Hamilton would jump ship. At least not yet, as he hasn't even opened talks with CSC, or anyone else for that matter, yet.

By the way, Tyler's agent is Bill Stapleton, the same agent Lance has. He's a good agent and will love this publicity coming out now. It shows that you are riding so damned well that other teams are going to fight for your contract for 6 months until it's time to sign.

Also, don't forget that the World's course is suited to a rider like Tyler, and being an hour away from his hometown, I expect him to try to win there. That would really up his asking price (even though last year's Giro and this year's Tour have solidfied his value in my eyes.)