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Eclipse Frames (out of Ottawa / Gatineau)?(2 posts)

Eclipse Frames (out of Ottawa / Gatineau)?dpb
Jul 16, 2003 8:34 AM

Anyone have any thoughts on Eclipse frames? They're sold by Pecco's bike shop in Ottawa. I've got a friend that is looking at getting a road bike, and the price is certainly right on these (105 for $1400 cdn with fitting, ultrgra for $1600). I'm curious about build and ride quality, weight, etc, etc.

They've also listed "atomic" brand hubs and cranks, I think. Anybody know about these? I'll probably cross-post in 'components' for this question.

Damian Bradley
Great ValueTheBigM
Jul 16, 2003 9:24 AM
I've got three - Ti road bike, Ti mountain bike and Alu road bike (passed on to my wife after a year of riding).

There's no doubt that they're an exceptional value and I find the ride quality to be very good. As far as frame weight... I have no idea, but they're certainly not boat anchors or anything.

The Atomic hubs leave a little to be desired. If your friend is a masher like me, I'd suggest swapping the hubs for 105 or Ultegra. The cranks on both my road bikes are FSA, so I can't comment on the Atomic cranks. My only other complaint is the brakes - they're black no-name things with a really weak return spring. I swapped mine for Ultegra and the difference is night and day.

On the whole, I can't recommend them higher. They're great bikes and Pecco's in Ottawa (Clarence St. in the market) has excellent service.