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Please help with new wheelset selection...(2 posts)

Please help with new wheelset selection...dawgcatchr
Jul 15, 2003 6:34 PM
Hi. I am in the process of building up my dream bike (Colnago CT1) and need help with the wheel selection (I am currently riding a set of FIR Zenith/Chorus wheels-bulletproof but pretty heavy at over 2kg). I need a lightweight, at least semi-aero wheelset (tubular would be nice, but isn't necessary). The wheels should be somewhat durable (I want to train on them as well, in good weather) but not totally bombproof-I weigh just under 150 lbs, and am light on equipment. Here are my choices, and the price I would pay:

1) Bontrager Race X-lite: $340-about 1500 grams, comes in tubular, not very aero, but pretty strong.

2) Campag Eurus front/Zonda rear: $470-just over 1600 grams, pretty aero with 30mm rims and bladed spokes. I hear great things about these wheels, although they are a bit spendy.

3) Rolf Prima Vigor: $400-super light at 1425 grams, aero with 34mm rim profile. I am worried about the durability of these rims at such a light weight-they are torsionally stiff, but I hope they don't dent easily. I am hoping that a small pothole won't take them out.

Any thoughts on my options? Thanks for the input!
re: Please help with new wheelset selection...No_sprint
Jul 16, 2003 9:31 AM
I'm not a fan of Bontrager for some reason. Never rode them, perhaps if I did, I'd become a fan. I wouldn't buy anything Rolf. Seen lots of them out there years back and never heard anything good.

The Eurus seem kinda heavy in my opinion. I typically consider 1500g my rule of thumb benchmark since good wheels at that weight can be had pretty cheap. I'd recommend something like the Neutron. I've got a set of Nucleons and it's definitely the best all around wheel I've owned.

I weigh 150 as well and race tubulars. Very very rarely do I train on them. You might consider the American Classic 38mm carbon. Good bang for your buck. Incredibly light at around 1100g. They're on a Zipp rim with non-foofoo spokes and hub and nipples so they're repairable at local shops.

If you're budget is much higher consider the Hyperon or Reynolds Stratus or Lew. Good luck.