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Late Death Ride Report(5 posts)

Late Death Ride Reportoutofthesaddle
Jul 15, 2003 11:03 AM
I did the Death Ride last year and suffered a significant "power outage" on the final climb up Carson Pass. I was hot and totally spent from the climb up Woodfords when I started up Carson. At one point I just rolled to a stop on the side of the road and just hung my head over the bars. Finally, some guys coming down the other way shouted some encouragement that the top wasn't too far away (they were lying) and reminded me that there was ice cream waiting. I was finally able to drag myself up the rest of the climb and collapse into a chair at the top. I made it but it wasn't pretty.

This year I was determined to avoid the intense suffering of last year. We camped out in the overflow lot at the start. At 4:08 am the music started which was really cool. I was riding with a few other guys and by the time we got everyone together we finally rolled at 5:45. At the base of the first climb I (and a bunch of other people) got stopped by the local sheriff who insisted that my number wasn't in the right place that I move it. In the mean time, the other guys I was with were headed up Monitor. Once I was rolling again several minutes later, I was pushing hard to catch the group. I noticed that I was feeling pretty good so once I caught up to them, I just kept going. For most of the day I was able to keep the pedals turning pretty well and keep my HR down. On the flat between the base of Ebbets and Woodfords, I hooked up with about 8 other guys and we organized a line to share the work. It was a big help because there was a headwind. Going through Markleeville it was really cool to see the people hanging out in their lawn chairs and offering support to the riders. When I got to Woodfords and Carson this year, I just kept chuggin' along feeling pretty good. I made a quick stop at Pickett's to take on water and kept rolling all the way up Carson. It was a much better experience than last year. I got my ice-cream and headed back down the cool decent. I rolled back into to Turtle Rock at 2:45 to get my pin and sign the poster. All in all, it was a pretty good day on the bike.

This year I decided to try to stay away from solid food and go with liquid/gel. I went through six bottles of Sustained Energy plus a flask of Hammer Gel (Espresso flavor with caffeine), one cliff bar and lots of Endurolytes. I set my watch to beep every 20 minutes to remind me to take a drink from my water bottle. I think that the constant calorie intake helped to prevent a reoccurrence of the "bonk" from last year.
Congrats on the big improvement and a question...JL
Jul 15, 2003 12:18 PM
about your calorie intake. How did carry the extra Sustained Energy? In a baggy? Film Canister? Did you just have SE in bottles or water too? Just trying to get an idea of others "feeding" habits in an attempt to improve my own.

It's always cool when you do a ride stronger than you did the time before. Congrats again on the accomplishment.

Happy riding.

at a boy. also have a question...dirtysky
Jul 15, 2003 12:47 PM
can see where your intake would make a difference. there must have been some messurable change in training strategy as well no?
gonna attempt the death ride for the first time next year any training advice?
at a boy. also have a question...outofthesaddle
Jul 15, 2003 1:12 PM
Surprisingly, I've been focusing less on longer rides this year. Last year I was doing longer rides and double centuries. Three weeks before the Death Ride, I did Eastern Sierra and Terrible Two on back to back weekends (June 15th & 22nd) which probably didn't help out at all. This year, I've been doing shorter rides. I think that the only ride over 50 miles that I've done since last Nov. was the Devil Mountain double century in May. Also, I live near Mt. Diablo in Northern California and have been riding it more often. Although the rides are shorter, I've been climbing more consistently. Also, I've been doing some crit racing on the weekends. I think that the really hard efforts of the races help out.

Hope that helps. Probably the best advice is to find others with similar goals and get out there and ride.
Congrats on the big improvement and a question...outofthesaddle
Jul 15, 2003 12:50 PM
Thanks - I carried the powdered Sustained Energy in small sandwich bags in my jersey pockets. Each bag had 3 scoops of powder that I dumped into a large water bottle when I refilled. I didn't carry any plain water until after I was out of SE. I probably could have used 2 more bottles during the day but only had enough powder for 6 bottles (poor planning). I only threw in the Cliff bar at the end because I had run out of SE.