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Cleveland DJ Update(7 posts)

Cleveland DJ UpdatePsyDoc
Jul 15, 2003 9:14 AM
The information below is an update on what has happened since the DJ's in Ohio made comments about running/knocking cyclists off the road.


The following is an email from Lois Cowan - Co-owner, Century Cycles

Due to a flood of e-mails, phone calls and letters, Clear Channel Communications and WMJI-Majic 105 in Cleveland have agreed to help correct the wrongs that their broadcasts caused last week.

Negotiations are underway and Clear Channel has agreed to a number of items revolving around:

- Running Public Service Announcements on all six of their stations in the northern Ohio market.
- Donating a substantial amount of money toward local bicycling causes.
- Helping with programs and events such as Safe Routes to School and public safety education.
- Supporting and promoting the America Bikes agenda with national and local politicians.
- Public apologies from those DJs who offended all of us with their anti-bicycling comments.


Station management and the DJs understand that what they said was wrong. They are in the process of making things right, but for them to focus on turning things around we need to free up their computers.

Thank you for your quick response. It's great to see freedom of speech used in a positive way.

Please forward this to anyone that you may have sent the original Call to Action to so that the word gets out. If you are the administrator of a webpage or see the original Call to Action still posted on a webpage, please post this update as soon as possible.

Lois Cowan
Century Cycles
33351 Aurora Rd
Solon, Ohio 44139
What were the other two cities? San Jose and Houston?Humma Hah
Jul 15, 2003 9:49 AM
Two other cities were reported here as having very similar broadcasts by moronic DJ teams (maybe the same two idiots using different names, a common Clear Channel ploy). I seem to recall it was Houston and San Jose.
Trying to get a four-wheeler's respect, on a bike, long postZogpound
Jul 15, 2003 10:33 AM
Trying to get a four-wheeler's respect, on a bike

By Joe Berkeley, 6/8/2003

As a commuter cyclist who frequently makes the bone-chilling ride from Hull
to the Back Bay, I do what I can to protect myself.

I purchased a headlight system with optional flashing taillight. A
neon-green jacket also increases my visibility.

However, I had a problem beyond visibility: How to be liked by motorists.

While most of my fellow travelers behave in a professional and predictable
manner, a minority do not. Some become enraged that I occupy up to 18 inches
on the far right side of the lane. Drivers of trucks, commercial vans, SUVs
-- even compact cars toting four to five hormonally driven youths -- have
all at one time or another hollered at me, uttered oaths that couldn't be
repeated in a family newspaper, and questioned my sexual preferences with
the enthusiasm of a lynch mob.

I theorized that if I proved to this group of angry motorists that I am

not some freak clad in spandex, but a regular guy, just like them -- someone
who shares their pain, understands their challenges -- I would extend my
life expectancy. But how? Finding an American flag on a roadside one day, I
fastened it to my rear rack and started pedaling madly. The theory of this
experiment was ''You, Mr. Chevy SUV driver, are an American, and I am an
American. We have a lot in common. From the mountains, to the prairies, to
the oceans . . .''

The angry drivers were just as angry, just as nasty, just as likely to
question my patriotism. Down came the flag.

Having spent an enormous amount of time riding past vehicles that later pass
me on the commute, I have observed the following stickers on the back
windows of those most likely to yell at me:

''I am the NRA''

''Go Sox''

''Semper Fi''

Using my desktop publishing skills, I mocked up similar signs to fit on the
back of my bicycle. Before posting them, I showed them to a noncyclist
co-worker named Kevin.

We decided that the ''I am the NRA'' sign could lead to a shooting incident.
Mounting a shotgun rack on the back of my bicycle would add an air of
authenticity, but the added bulk would be problematic.

The Red Sox approach was also complex. When the Sox win, sure, I could be
given a bit more respect on the road. But what about when the Sox lose a
close one? One bad bounce and I could be driven off the road. Until the Red
Sox win a World Series, this idea was on the back burner.

''Semper Fi'' appeared to be a strategically sound approach. Everyone loves
a Marine, so that's good. Marines know how to kill people who mess with
them, so I could inspire fear. However, what if a real Marine saluted me in
traffic? I would be a fraud. Back to the drawing board.

I knew I had a winner on my hands the second I penned it:

''Ex wife got car''

''Yeah,'' my co-worker Kevin said, nodding his approval. ''Pickup truck guys
are always mad at their wives.'' One Friday evening, I tested my
inspiration, affixing it to the back of my bicycle. Guess what I got: an
abundance of knowing smiles from my core audience -- angry men driving
pickup trucks, hormonally enraged young men traveling in packs while crammed
into small cars, homophobic van drivers, as well as petite women in
gargantuan SUVs.

I got plenty of thumbs up, too. And nods of approval.

One morning, a plumber and his sidekick rolled by in a rusty pickup. The
sidekick rolled down a window, nodded sagely, and said, ''Yeah, and I bet
you're still paying the insurance.''

Other men have said, in family newspaper-speak, ''I have been similarly
imposed upon.'' And a few women have actually pulled over -- not to hit me,
but to hit on me.

Most importantly, all of the drivers who can actually see where th
LOL... you should print jerseys and sell them.......nmDave Hickey
Jul 15, 2003 10:42 AM
You don't have to call me Darlin'char
Jul 15, 2003 5:24 PM
Now that is a good one! Forget the beer jerseys, well maybe they can be a co-sponser along with Smith and Wesson (the CHP bike patrol rides Smith and Wesson bikes.)

Ex-wife did get the car, was car-free for 6 years, I should have tried that approach to meet women!

You never even called me by my name

That's a Riot. Can you finish the quote? It got cut off. NM.AllUpHill
Jul 16, 2003 8:28 AM
The rest of the storyZogpound
Jul 16, 2003 9:17 AM
Most importantly, all of the drivers who can actually see where they are
going are giving me another inch of room on the road. You can't ask for more
than an inch.

Drivers who can't see where they're going, like those helming the Grand
Marquis Presidential editions or Cadillac Broughams, just keep steaming
along as if I didn't exist.

You do what you can in this world.