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Anybody know the Vancouver, B.C. area?(8 posts)

Anybody know the Vancouver, B.C. area?cory
Jul 14, 2003 3:39 PM
Spent last week in North Vancouver, B.C., near the north end of the Lion's Gate Bridge. I didn't have a bike, but it looked like a great place to ride, and I have two more weeks of vacation coming. We had great weather--sunny and in the 80s--but judging by the reactions of the locals, that's pretty unusual. Anybody know enough about the area to give me a weather estimate for, say, mid-August to mid-Sept? I don't mind some rain (I'll put the fenders on, and anyway, it gives me an excuse to hole up in the hotel with a book and lunch), but I'd hate for it to pour every day. Thanks
re: Anybody know the Vancouver, B.C. area?toomanybikes
Jul 14, 2003 3:57 PM
email me at - lived there for years.
2nd the Richmond and UBC areas...HAL9010
Jul 15, 2003 1:00 PM
The University of BC area has some spectacular forest park paths (Mtn. Bike prefered) and the ocean is just across the road to the west. UBC not an ugly palce to go to school.

You can rent a good (fair) Mtn. bike at several places in the downtown Vancouver area and then ride out to the Richmond/UBC. Stanley Park while very lovely and well worth spinning around. Isn't all that large (By bike) so get out of town to the south. BC is quite bike friendly IMO.

re: Anybody know the Vancouver, B.C. area?twobits
Jul 14, 2003 6:16 PM
i live just outside vancouver, in langley and i can tell you that it's usually around 21-30 degrees celcius throughout the summer. north van isn't really the best place to ride, too much traffic for me. but still lots of riding out there. you can get a cycling map of the whole lower mainland at book stores or call 1-888-611-maps. i'm looking at my cycling map now. it's from davenport maps.
if you need more info email me at
re: Anybody know the Vancouver, B.C. area?sctri
Jul 14, 2003 6:23 PM
I live there too, more or less minutes from where you are discribing.

It should be nice throughout the summer, (then the rainy months hit...)

The northshore has some great rides, including horseshoe bay, loops inside stanley park, out to deep cove, and the mountains (especially cypress, its a local cough"favorite"cough)

Let me know if you want to ride, I would be happy to show you arround.

re: local knowledgeEric_H
Jul 15, 2003 8:55 AM
In addition to what the others have said:

Weather - mid-August to mid-September is still summer. I would expect mostly dry weather with temps 60-75 F. We don't ever get really HOT here because of the proximity to the ocean and mountains. You might get some rain, but not like winter where it might rain every day for a month. November is often the worst month of the year.

In terms of riding, I am only moderately familiar with the city riding because I live to the south (White Rock, near the US border). There is nice riding around the University of BC, and down along the beaches. Immediately south of Vancouver is Richmond, very flat, but not quite as busy if you know the roads. Most of the Vancouver road racers train using loops around Richmond and UBC. The north shore climbs (Cypress, Seymour) are popular but the traffic in North Van can be very bad. Stanley Park is OK, but very busy until the end of August with summer holidays. In fact most of the city riding is busy, but I'm biased because I live out in the "country".

If you have access to a car, there is some amazing riding just to the east of Vancouver. If you park out near historic Fort Langley (on the Fraser River) there is a superb network of country roads with excellent pavement and little traffic. On the south side of the river there are flats along the river, steep climbs out of the valley, and rolling hills on top. If you cross the river on the Albion ferry you can head up into the hills above Maple Ridge, to areas like Golden Ears Park, Stave Lake and Hatzic Valley. It is possible to ride to these destinations from Vancouver, but it would mean lots of city riding (in some lousy areas) and make for very long rides.

If you want some more specific route information, please e-mail me.
One of the best places to ride.pedalpete
Jul 15, 2003 10:29 AM
Some great road riding, and if you're into Mountain biking, we've got that too.
If you are into climbing, there are two great mountain rides, Cypress and Seymour. Seymour is pretty steep, and 9km long. Cypress is a little less steep, but keeps going for 13 km.
Great riding all around.
The mountain trails are pretty crazy (I'm sure you've seen the pictures), and it's mostly all like that.

Don't let a little rain stop you (though you should be pretty safe in August).
Not sure where you are from, but we often get continious spitting (light) rain, which can actually be nice to ride in.
When the torrential rains do come, you might want to sit it out.
Thanks--It's sounding better and better. And I LIKE rain...cory
Jul 15, 2003 4:07 PM
I appreciate everybody's help. Living in Reno, where we get about six inches of precip a year, I even look forward to a little rain. It's a rare treat for a desert guy.